I love all things old, including this Polaroid camera from the 50's that was
my great aunts.

Before digital cameras were cool (okay, they've always been cool) I had a disposable camera in my purse at ALL times. I was the camera queen in middle and high school. I have boxes upon boxes of those embarrassing images. It wasn't until I 16, I got my first digital camera for Christmas. I broke it a month later, but still have it to this day. It's pink. Later in life, after being sheltered and hard for so many years and I rediscovered life, I wanted to capture every memory of life. I was finishing up my 3rd semester of college, before transferring and declaring photography as my major, when I received my first (and current) DSLR camera. It was yet again Christmas, my first Christmas with Michael, and he got my that camera. It was so incredible, but it's been difficult to top that gift. Photographing life naturally, in the raw, makes every sleepless night editing worth it. Art is difficult and ever changing. When I get the time, I plan on posting shoots, photo blurps, etc here. Your critique, thoughts, and opinions would be much appreciated!

"When someone asks me if I majored in photography in college..."
Attention All Photographers: YOU MUST CLICK HERE
& then laugh uncontrollably.