Sunday, August 18, 2013

Inspiration: Wedding!

Like I just said, it's a 'new' engagement, but I've been planning our wedding since our second date, and then seriously planning for the last two years or so.
Here we go... We have a venue. A sweet barn reception and outside ceremony.
Explain it in a few words? Rustic, loving, colorful, diy.
Let's start with pictures....
My grandmother is actually working on
a quilt for you to do this.
We grew up with quilts and love them.
It has our wedding colors in it
and guests will sign it instead of
a book!

One of the things you should know about me.... I'm an
old ball blue jar collector. They will be everywhere
on our wedding day.

Grooms with different color ties
and no jackets is what we love!

Different color dresses! <3 br="">And different styles!

Lots and lots of wood and signs.

Naked funfetti cake!!!!!!!
Meeting with the baker in the next
few weeks to go over more details.
I can't get over how perfect this is!
So now that classes are sadly starting tomorrow, it's time to just brainstorm some more, hit up some more bridal shows, and do little things until January comes and I can focus on it more after graduation! It all still seems a little unreal to me. I can't believe it! I'm so thrilled!!!

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