Wednesday, May 1, 2013

250 or less, okay more

Story of my life is really extending a serious challenge. For one that's just getting back into the blogging world after a time away, this is ubber difficult. Blog for 31 days! My goodness. I am going to try so hard to do this. I want to. I need to. I can do it!!

Today's prompt: The story of you life 250 words or less. 
I am a 22 year old gal, living in the outskirts of Lexington, Kentucky finishing up my last year of undergrad in Fine Arts. I am a photo and metalsmithing major. I grew up in Nicholasville, KY with an older sis and a pet pooch Daisy, a chocolate lab. My sister, Heather, has given me the greatest joys- my niece and nephew! I was the biggest daddy's girl growing up. That all changed with my parents got divorced a week before my 15th birthday. I am now the biggest moma's girl you'll ever know. I can't go a day without talking to her, and still occasionally sleep with her. I met my boyfriend of just over four years in high school. After graduation, a few bad relationships that help mold us into the people we are now, we reconnected. We've been together ever since. He is what keeps me sane, focuses, and motivated. I am a dreamer, a doer, a relaxer, and a thinker. I am pushing myself harder than ever to finish up college in the next seven months so we can move on with our lives... to marriage, a life together, and making dreams reality!

So that's probably not 25 words, but whatev!

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