Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Ready for a Good Laugh?

Prepare yourself. Run to the bathroom real quick. Put your drink down.
This is a great story.... and a long one (but aren't all of mine?)

SO! Let's start with
Monday: I get verbally attacked by my professor who wants to blame an entire class project on me when I have completed my tasks.
Then Tuesday happens.... One of my summer classes gets dropped (a stress management, gen ed) and I can't find a replacement class that will fit in my summer or fall schedule. The same professor tells me that she isn't pleased with my work so she's going to give me an 'incomplete' for the semester and I just need to redo it this summer........ uh I'm taking three summer courses, working, and I don't know- taking a little break?!!!!
I cried for three straight hours- couldn't stop. Took medication to calm myself down before going into work. Which then made me all mellow and weird the whole night.
Today is the best... for real, go to the bathroom if you haven't.
So tomorrow is Pie Day in the art department on campus. We have like 30 pies coming in from students- yatta yatta. Of course I'm making a pie- a Derby pie, being as it's my favorite and it's Derby weekend! After staying in the studio until 9:45 working on a sculpture piece that's due tomorrow, I go to the grocery store to get stuff for the pie.... flour, chocolate chips, walnuts, pecans, oil, a brand new ($7) stainless steel pie server..... I go to my car after checking out and realize, I've locked my keys in my car and don't have a spare. Awesome. It's not 10:15pm. I call AAA and they arrive 30 minutes later. The sweet (drunk) old man unlocks my car... I'm exhausted, ready to bake this pie, take a shower, and go to sleep. So I get in my car and drive off. Wellllll when I get to my place, I realize I forgot the groceries sitting on the curb where I sat them as the man popped open my door. So I turn myself around to go back and get them. What do you think the chances of them still sitting there are? I think, they are still there or someone turned them back in. It's $25 worth of groceries. Nope. Someone jacked them. All gone. Waste of money. So I buy the groceries again! I get to baking- got the wrong chocolate chips, didn't need flour or oil, not enough walnuts. They pie is in the oven right now, so we'll see if it comes out.
At least today I can't stop laughing as apposed to yesterday where I couldn't stop crying.
It's nearly one am and I have class bright and early in the morning.

Hope you got a good laugh too! Happy Wednesday Thursday everyone.

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