Sunday, April 28, 2013

Sunday Social

Linking up for Sunday Social for the first time. I've been out of the blogging world for a while and most of my link up peeps are no longer bloggers. :(

1. Did you ever sleep walk as a child?
Yes! I haven't in a few years. 2 times really stick out of my mind... Once when I was like 5-6, I tried to go out our front door. We lived near a really busy street, so my dad would put his tool box in front of the door and bells on the handle at night. Crazy kid. The other one was when I was probably 19-20, I went out my mom's front door, sat on her front porch, and rocked in the rocking chair. There was a house across the street with a really loud fountain. Why do I remember (or do) this stuff?

2. Did you ever run or sneak of the house?
I wanted to run away once- wrote a letter to my parents and everything. I was like 11. I cried my eyes out, fell asleep, and got over it.
Not my house. I have an older sister that did a few 'rebelish' things and I saw the repercussions. My mom was serious business. But with that said, my best friend was the rebel middle child in her family, so we'd 'go to bed' and sneak out the window in her room. We were crazy.

3. Did you have an imaginary friend?
I didn't. I would have really realist dreams and wake up thinking, 'did that just happen? do I know them?'

4. Did you ever go toilet papering?
No... again, I think my sister did that once and got in deep trouble.... or was that cow tipping?

5. Did I ever sneak shows I wasn't allowed to watch?
Oh yes. I remember in 8th or 9th grade I was sneak watching Nip Tuck but it was forbidden. Watching it now, I know why. Also, Dawson's Creek as a pre-teen, and Rugrats at my grandparents house!

My childhood was interesting.... thanks for letting me realize that!

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