Friday, April 26, 2013

Miss to Mrs

Last weekend was my very best friend (since the third grade) bridal shower. I had so much fun planning it.

Her wedding colors are pale pink and grey- so to make it a little girl, I did the shower in pink and gold. Being the over- planner and coordinator that I am, I have been buying stuff here and there for months and months now. I made pretty much everything.. from the invites, signs, cakes, games, recipe cards, etc.

Inside the invite, I included a recipe card for everyone to fill out and bring to the shower with their favorite recipe on it to give Emma. She's learning how to cook, so she needs to fill up her recipe box.

She received so many gifts, I thought everything off their registry was at this shower.

So here's the good stuff; pictures...

The invite...
(that had the wrong date on it!!!)

Welcome table.

The cake. I made. ;)
Cake and cupcakes!

Flower arrangements.
Baby pictures! 

Beach hat I got her with her new initials!

Me with the Mrs!

 After the shower, everyone was showering me with compliments.... saying I should be an event planner. It was bitter sweet to hear this considering that was my first major going into college.

The shower was perfect. There was a great group there, all the bridal party made it, and I got to see old high school friends again.

Just a little over a month now until Emma's big day!

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