Thursday, January 24, 2013

It's Ok Thursday!

Linking up with A Complete Waste of Makeup- which today is going to be for me. I ask wasting good eyeliner.

Its Ok Thursdays

It's OK to....
be so tired that i want to nap in my car for the 45 minute break in between classes.
think about the nap i'll take later today to get me through the day.
call my half milk- half coffee drink, coffee, when it's not really.
make a blue print of the bridal shower i'm co hosting- in APRIL!
think about the future and plan plan plan.
not want to go to my class in 20 minutes. it's the second week of classes.
blog once a week to get back into it. i really miss it!

hope you have a better-than-OK-day!!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Top 5 Tuesday: Must Have Lip Products!

Look at me. Finding time in between classes to blog and link up!!!! Also I've had 2 cups of coffee in 3 hours and jittery as a fly.

LINKING UP with Just Peachy! for my Top 5 fav lip products!

This picture is literally a picture I took from the 5 lip products out of my purse just now.

1. Burt's Bees Lip Balm: I go through a stick in a month- if not less. It is the BEST feeling chapstick ever! It smells amazing, and leaves your lips buttery smooth.

2. Burt's Bees Lip Shimmer: The BEST lip shimmer. It doesn't leave your lips feeling crummy and nasty afterwards like some shimmers. Looks dewy and matte.
3. Glo MInerals Gloliquid Lips: I don't know what shade I have this in because this tub in particular is like 2 years old and it's worn off. So it lasts forever. My favorite thing about it is the color and sheen. It goes on so smooth and has this light redish tint.
4. Mary Kay Nourishine Plus Lip Gloss: MY FAVORITE!! I have this gloss in 3 colors. This one is Cafe Au Lait. I perfect neutral, pop of gloss color. Again, so smooth. It doesn't leave your lips sticky and putty like after hours too.
5. Mary Kay Tinted Lip Balm: Sadly, they no longer make this but I have about 3 sticks stashed away. It is a balm that is just what it says- tinted. I love this one because it has SPF 15 in it so for those spring and summer days I throw this on and top it all with the nourishine gloss for protection throughout the day.

Mary Kay True Dimensions Lipstick!
I don't have this one in my purse. It's a lipstick- which I use to hate, and on top of that it's a RED lipstick. It has truly grown on my since using it. Since I'm a neutral gloss girl, I use this for special events and nights out. It was great around the holidays. I am a pretty pale girl with dark brown hair, so this just popped off my face. I got tons of compliments. It's really smooth (word of the day), STAYS on and again- doesn't leave your lips grossed or more importantly- stained!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Oh blog. Come back to me.

This is a busy time in my life. Finishing up my last 11 months of college. I really miss blogging. I hope I find the time throughout the week to come escape here.