Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Where I've been...

I've got to be honest here.. I miss blogging, but lately it's been a battle to post. I have been so incredibly busy, it's crazy! I am working 4 jobs, trying to stay afloat, and keep myself calm through this hectic time in my life. When I want to blog, I don't have time. So it's either blog or hang out with Michael for a bit.
SO what's been going on.... I got a new baby. I got a new camera. Nikon d90. She's a beauty and fits right in with the others. I've had my eye on her for a long time now. I got an amazing deal on it and I couldn't pass it up. I spent my entire summer savings on it, but it will be worth it! It is worth it!

I put her to great use this weekend. I shot an amazingly fun wedding Saturday- outside- on the hottest day of the year. I drank literally 2 gallons of water, and I think I just turned around and sweat it all back out. I will be posting some of my favorite pictures- when I can.
We are in this weird limbo phase right now in life, that I can't go in much detail about, but I want to say thank you to those who prayed for us. I really appreciate it.

So moral of the post... I'm busy. I miss blogging and am going to try to start back into link ups tomorrow. I love my new camera. And at the moment I am so ridiculously tired.

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