Monday, July 2, 2012

Weekend Round UP!

Let the July postings BEGIN! I say with excitement, but I'm actually really sad. It's too soon to be July. WHERE has the summer GONE!?
This weekend was toooo muchhhh funnnn! It was hot as heck,  and ended with a storm of all storms!

Friday was boring with errands and errands and errands before a busy busy night at work, so I won't even bother.
Saturday was perfection! I stayed all my mom's all weekend- it was her birthday! So we woke up bright (I mean bright) and early Saturday and starting getting our stuff together for the lake. We loaded up our bags, coolers, and cars and headed out. Now I remember as a child going to the lake almost every weekend with the entire family... fishing, tubing, skiing, and what not. We tried to remember when the last time we were all out there and I think it was almost 10 years ago! But we are back at it now! They have made plans to go back out next weekend again, but I unfortunately can't go. :( It was my mom, sister & her husband, their two babes, my grandparents, and myself. It was a blast. We went fishing, and caught nothing. We went swimming, and the water was perrrrfect. We fed some turtles. Got sunburnt shoulders. And drank lots of water! It was a great day spent at the lake. After showering up and throwing on some makeup I talked Mom into going with me to help me through a BIG purchase. I bought a new camera! After much diliberation, lack of sleep, calculating, and prayers- I decided to do it. I spent my entire summer savings (that's I had so far) on a new Nikon D90! I have one month to save back up for vacation! Once I purchased my new baby Mom, Heather, and I went out for dinner and drinks for her birthday. We went to Mom's favorite- habatchi! Then went to listen to a cover band she loves. We were at that bar for over 2 hours- that's a lot time for us. Honestly, that's a long day for us all to be together and not have one agruement! We fight like dogs sometimes...

Alyssa baby.

Freckles United!

Alyssa just lost her first tooth!

Birthday lady!

She's full of a lot of hot air! ;)

Mom's saki shot!

Mom and daughters. Listening to music!
Sunday I woke up tired, with a headache, and annoyed. I don't know why, I just was and it lasteddd all day! The family went out for dinner after church, and mom and I ran some errands. I changed and packed up my stuff at moms, and went over to Michael's parents to celebrate my birthday with them. It was so great. They got me this arrow sign from Crackel Barrel that I mentioned I loved. When we were there eating a few weeks back, I said to her I thought it was so adorable. She said, 'What would you write on it?' I jokingly (but seriously) said, 'Mulcahy & Hollans Wedding...' Well she told Michael I said that. It was funny. They also got me a rolling pin! Something I'm starting to collect these days too.  After a delish home cooked meal, hanging around, and opening gifts I headed back to Richmond! Michael and I got one eposide of of Breaking Bad in. We are more than half way done now! On the way back to Richmond, I was driving into a huge thunderstorm. It was so crazy! The wind was like a tornado and the rain was crazyyy!

Soaked! After bringing my stuff in from the car.
I hope you all had a great weekend too!
Have a happy and safe week!

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