Wednesday, June 20, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

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I'm loving that I have been giving the opportunity to work 3 jobs. I man complain but it's a blessing. I need to remind myself that.

I'm loving that Michael got a NEW JOB! Yes blogger world.. I've kept it under wraps until it was official and it now is! He starts a new sales job in 2 weeks! AH! We are both a little nervous and excited. Prayers would be much appreciated!

I'm loving that I have Friday off! It is a day with my babeeeee! I haven't seen him all week. I have been working 9:30am-11pm!

I'm loving that Michael and I talked for an hour and a half last night about everything. It was sweet.

I'm loving talks with my friends.

I'm loving my hair today. Sock roll curls are brilliant!

I'm loving that one week from today is my birthday!!! I'm not doing much and really want anything.. sleep in, laying around, and dinner with the family- that's all I want!

I'm loving my blog again. I look forward to blogging, reading and writing. I've been missing that for a while.

I'm loving a lot, but I'm honestly too tired to type it all.

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