Monday, June 25, 2012

Weekend Round UP!

Happy Monday everyone! It's my birthday- hollllla. You know what I'm doing all day? Nothing. Not a thing. Plans to not step foot out the door. I honestly will probably be cleaning most of the day (and napping/ watching Grey's reruns). I have laundry for days to wash, and a sink full of dishes! Michael works all day so I'll be spending it alone. Oh well, at least I'm off work!

Let me prepare you... this roundup is going to have lots and lots of pictures, bad story telling, and jars! WOOT! Get ready, set, lets go!

Friday was my first real day off in about 10 days, and thankfully Michael was off too. So we met up and went to run some errands, even stopped for lunch with my mom. I love when I'm with those too.. Until they get on the same side and start disagreeing with me! They are seriously too similar sometimes. My mom wanted us to run to Walmart real quick before dropping her back off at her office. She also wanted us to go inside with her. Under my breathe I said to Michael 'I really don't want to go in here.' I hate Walmart with a passion. So we went in, to please her, and to my surprise she drug me in there to get me a new iPhone. For real! I was telling her that morning over the phone that while out running errands I was going to get a new one. Well she had planned all along to get me one for my birthday. She was texting Michael at lunch tell him that we needed to go pick me out a phone after lunch and yatta yatta. She's a sneaky little thing! After getting my contacts switched from my 3gs to my new 4, I couldn't stop playing with it! Love the camera on that thing! That night we met up with another couple for bowling! We got the best dang pizza there too, and played 3 games of bowling- one cosmic! I didn't lose every game for once!
Michael won 2/3 games. Look at that stance.
Sweet shoes.
The game I didn't lose. :)
Saturday Michael and I met for lunch before we both went into work. We were sitting at Fazoli's and I was daydreaming about jars as I was staring at the Peddler's Mall. Michael called me out on it. After lunch, and going back to gather my stuff to stay at my mom's that night, I did indeed go over to Peddler's Mall. Low and behold, I found my a dag on #13 Ball mason jar. I needed cried! I was a little lot more than I would want to spend on one, but still wayyy less expensive than I've seen before. So I texted Michael and asked if he thought if I should get it our not. We kept going back and forth.. he'd say 'no, you don't need to spend the money' and I'd say 'I have that money to spend' and he's say 'you don't need another jar' and I'd say 'Hello it's a #13 jar, how often do I find one?' After much of that going on, I bought it. I said to him 'I did it. I'm sorry if you don't think I should've but I did. It's a birthday gift to myself. I'm sorry you're mad.' Well guess what that sweetheart said to me... He said, 'I'm not mad. I can't even surprise you with a birthday gift. I saw that exact jar in there yesterday and was going to go get it for you on my break today.' I felt so bad. He says I'm difficult to buy gifts for and difficult to surprise, so I just ruined it! UGH! So after a bittersweet trip shopping
there, I went to work where it got slammed and killed my ankle!

My first 13 jar- I bought.
Sunday was so so very very nice! I stayed at my mom's house back home Saturday. I woke up to the smell of fresh cinnamon rolls. We went to a nice service at church with the family, then out to eat. Since I was in town already we did my birthday meal there. (My family goes out to eat for every one's birthday every year. There are 13 of us. Restaurants hate us.) My grandparents met my mom and I there first. Nona was so adamant about me opening their gift right away, even before the other's came. As I'm opening it she says 'Now you already ruined it for yourself a little bit.' I was so confused. I stick my hand in the bad and instantly know what it was. A JAR. ANOTHER #13 JAR to be exact. I was speechless. To now have two in my collection was so amazing. I teared up a little bit.  She said, 'I know Michael was going to get you one too and you ruined that for him, but here's another one too. I bought this for you a long time ago, so it's your first one. You can take the other back.' There was also a piece of Bybee Pottery in there. Bybee was a little local place where my grandmother grew up that made ceramic dishes by hand there in the shop. It closed down when I moved about 20 minutes away from it. I always am on the hunt of it at antique shops, yard sales, etc, since I never got the chance to make my own set. The piece she gave me yesterday was my great grandmother's. It has so much history. Can you just image someone you've never met, baking and cooking in something? It warms my soul. I'm glad I didn't wait to open in. I pulled myself together as the other's were walking in. My niece and nephew came in with my sister holding a balloon and some flowers. They are too cute. Alyssa kept repeating, 'Open the card.' She loves cards, just like her aunt! :) It was a silly card that said 'I double dog dare you....' That's all she wanted me to read, so was laughing so hard at that line- oh kids. We were at my favorite local hot spot- Ramsey's. I got the usual- a hotbrown. Delish! And since it was my birthday celebration I figured it was okay to get sweet tea... I've been trying to only drink water, juice, and milk. Then for dessert I got a Mayday pie, YUM! Stuffing my face and rolling my outside afterwards we all stood around for some pictures that I was making everyone take. I had told Alyssa that she could go with me to get my nails done if she wanted, so she did- along with my mom, sister, and nephew. We had a mani/ pedi day. It was so relaxing and fun to just sit around. I didn't want to leave. I went back to Mom's to gather my things and head back to Richmond for a cookout at some friends. Once I got there most of the people had left considering it started at 2 and was now nearly 7. Michael showed up after work and we all played some cornhole, ate some food, and talked till the sun sent us away.
Nona and my new beauty's.

This is a hotbrown for those who are unfamiliar!
Alyssa with my flowers and balloon.
(I look like my mom here)
And the Mayday pie, aka Derby Pie.

It was hot yesterday!

I opted for the spa version of a pedi! Scrubbed
 and heat wrapped!
Our mani/ pedis. I'm not normally a french tip kind of girl,
but I was feeling it yesterday.
Fun backseat photo shoot.
The inside of my drink. I kept having to
check for floating flies at the cookout.
It was such an amazing weekend. I am sad that it's over and that I'm spending the day alone! But maybe I need some me time. I complain I never get enough of that.

I hope you all had just as great of a weekend as I did.

Thanks for reading that crazy, random, bad story telling thang!

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