Monday, June 18, 2012

Weekend Round Up!

So, better late than never right? This is the start  middle of my busy day week! This dummy here, took on a third job. Yes, another. I seriously am so stupid. I complain enough about not having any social life, time with my family and friends, or even myself, and then went and agreed to babysitting and running errands for my professor (who just adopted 2 sweet baby girls last month, and have a 3 year old already). Whatever. It'll be worth it, they are super nice and cute kids. I need a break from 'corporate' clock in and out jobs!
So if you want to catch me, I'll be working from 9am-11pm Monday- Thursday and Friday/ Saturday/ Sunday from 2-10pm.

ONE WEEK from today is my birthday! AHH! All I want is a pleasant dinner with the family!

PSS- check out my pages, I've changed them up a little. I'm trying to spruce this place up a little at a time.

Let's get to the weekend...
Saturday was a little bit of a relaxing day. I laid in bed until about 11, went to run some last minute errands like tanning, getting flowers for my mom for Father's day (yes), and getting a wedding gift for the wedding I was going to that evening. Procrastinator? Me? Nooo! Michael, his mother, and I headed to Winchester for Michael's childhood friend's blissful day. It was a small, intament ceremony. Non- traditional and laid back. She was so beautiful. I heard all these stories about how she and he would do this and do that, it was really cute. He's so cute too. Ah!

Sunday was a busy day- like most of my days! Lunch back home with Michael's family for Father's day and June birthday's. I got a Bed, Bath, & Beyond gift card, along wiht some other goodies- holllla! After stuffing my face, a little bit of video game watching, and laughs I had to go to work. :( It was a pretty steady night. When I got home I did some online surfing and knocked out!

All in all, it was a pretty swell weekend. I saw family, ate good food, witnessed a lovely wedding, and hung out with the bofriend! Successful to me!


  1. You are crazy busy!! But I think babysitting a little bit would be SO fun! You go girl :)

    1. Yeah my schedule is so jampacked. I wrote this post at work. ;)
      Thanks for reading little Lady!

  2. Girl you are insane! But GO YOU for working so hard nonstop! I hope that your busy week is a good one!! :]


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