Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Weekend Round Up!

I've got to be honest, this has been a rough weekend.. On my nerves, my mind, and defiantly on my body. I didn't have it in yesterday to even type, but feeling much better now.

And my weekend wasn't that exciting.

Friday I needed my puppy fix, so a trip to Petsmart was a must! It helped. Doesn't any dogs face always make everything better? Michael and I did a few other errands that were a little more grown up and great! But I'll save that for another day. I dog/ house sat that night, so I was a little closer to home home.

Saturday, was pretty lame. I woke up not feeling to great, with a killer headache and sore throat. I had a bridal meeting which went swell. Then went to work. It was steady, but a little boring. I starting feeling worse and worse. I got home about 9 that night and went to bed. I was having cold and hot flashes. I mean serious ones. I had my heated blanket and two other blankets. I took some sleeping medicine and was out!

Sunday, was really lame. I went into work at 10, feeling like crapppp. I lasted an hour and they made me leave. Which was a good idea. I went to the UTC and found out I had strep and an ear infection. I got some medicine and went to sleep for a good 3 hour nap.

My diet was soup and Popsicles. Which wasn't well... I woke up Monday with a stomach bug! It was so annoying.

I'm feeling better now, and well rested.

This weekend was really lame, but I have a feeling this one coming up will be a lot of fun! :)

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