Friday, June 1, 2012

High Five for Friday!

Linking up with the lovely Lauren from From My Grey Desk!

1. Michael's birthday! My love turned another year older yesterday. I am so blessed and thank God everyday for the birth of him. You can see the post about that here.

2. A mid week weekend. I took off yesterday and I'm off today. I have to work crazy hours the next two days so I created myself a little weekend before.

3. My mom is being sneaky. I don't like secrets, especially right in front of me. My mom just called Michael- in front of me- asking him which he thinks I'll like more. He's using codes like 'B is better.' JUST TELL ME. I guess I have something to look forward too on my birthday- in 24 days! I'm going on record now- I think it's a new iPhone.

4. Friends. I have some really great loyal friends and I don't give them enough credit. To call and ask how I'm doing when I'm feeling down and they have no idea- isn't it great how God works? And to ask for lunch, to go shopping, to just meet up and catch up. I often don't always count my blessing as much as I should.

5. Summer- I am trying to enjoy summer, the weather, the fashion, and the time off school (although I really miss class, but not looking forward to it come August). It is raining cats and dogs outside this summer day though. :(

Enjoy your weekend peps! Talk soon!

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  1. Secrets are the WORST!! Especially when they are dangled right in front of you.


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