Monday, May 28, 2012

Weekend Round Up!

Memorial Day Weekend!
First off I need to pay a small tribute to the retired, enlisted, and fallen solders. Many in my family. I can't begin to say thank you and say how much you are appreciated. This country is so blessed to have you.

This weekend was so great. Lot's of working, time with family, and shopping!

Friday! I did about 101 errands before going into work. Then had the craziest night at work. Every Friday night they have live music at the winery and the weather was beautiful... bringing in a million people ready to drink. :/ It was a fun, fast night, but man was I ready for it to be over! I don't know what was my favorite part... a man break a huge glass bowl by me and it cutting my hand, the 50 people coming in after close, or the anger bitter people.

Saturday! Was another errand running day before work. It was another long shift. Steady and fun.. although most people didn't tip a penny that day. Ugh. My mom came in for a tasting so it was good to see and serve a familiar face. After closing (by myself for the first time) in a haunted house- which I don't believe in that but their stories are funny. Paranormal Specialists have came out there and everything. Anyways, after I got off I made Michael go driving with me. It was so incredible outside and I felt like driving around! We went driving around Berea, a little town about 15 minutes from Richmond... a town we are thinking about living in together once we get married. It's artsy, a little hippy, and so nice. I really love it.

Sunday! Was so great... and awful. Michael and I decided to take advantage of the sales going on. I was expected to spend a lot and couldn't find a thing! I did get a pair of heels! We went home to hang out with his parents after the failed shopping trip. They were bailing the hay on their farm and I thought, what a great photo op so we did. In this process I lost my cell phone somewhere on the 60 acre farm that was in the process of being bailed. After taking pictures and going into his grandparents house, I said to Michael 'I hope my phone is in my car, because it's no longer in my pocket' and he said 'I sure hope so too because it'll be like finding a needle in a hay stack.' As I HA-HA'd sarcastically. Well I did loose it out there. After about 2 and a half hours of driving around the farm on the gator, retracing out tracks, we couldn't find it. His dad came out and started walking the tracks. I told him where I figured it would be but wasn't... he walked over and found it! Bless his heart! I was going to be so lost without my iPhone. I was just upset I was going to lose all my images on there. It's all good! We all went for dinner about 8:30p finally that kept getting pushed back because we were fighting day light to find it!

Monday! I met up with my mom and did a little more shopping.. I got some great deals- better than yesterday. I got a dress and some swim suits from Target, a pair of capris and a shirt from platos closet, and a big ol beach hat! Did some grocery shopping, made some banana pudding, and wrapped up the night having dinner with a friend! It was a great, HOT night! The carnival rolled into town today and hopefully will be starting soon... I hear a funnel cake calling my name! I did also manage to get Michael's birthday present today. It's small but I think he'll like it, plus there's a handmade gift(s) coming Thursday too!

Hope you all enjoyed your extended weekend too!

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