Monday, May 14, 2012

Weekend Round Up!

It's Monday. :( Wahwahwahhhh.
It was such ac great weekend!

Friday, as usual, was errands day.. A trip to the bank, grocery, mall, Target, and petsmart. Michael and I also had to take is Macbook into the Apple Store because it was acting crazy! So it spent the night with them. We also made a trip to the massive Peddler's Mall. I got a few great things for myself, and Michael's mom (for her birthday and Mother's day).

Egg Beater.

Saturday was a crazy busy day. On the way to my mom's for the weekend, I saw signs for an antique show at an old schoolhouse. I said, hey, why not. So I drove out into the unknown and followed the signs to find amazing things. I got a few more things for Michael's mom.. I couldn't really afford anything else. After that awesome adventure, I headed back to the Apple Store to pick up Michael's computer for him. Bad news, it's dunzo. Yep, the Mac is dead. It's only 3 years old. :/ It was a sad day, well it still is sad. I finally headed to my mom's to send some time together before going to Mother's Day/ Birthday dinner for/ with Michael's parents. Side note- Michael's, his mom and dad, his brother, Mother's day, and this year- his dad's retirement are all in the same month. Crazy! We spent some time together catching up, eating, and gifting. After eating way to much, I headed back to Mom's to stay. Where my nephew was staying for the night too. A house full of crazy!!
Egg Beater 2.

Wash board.
His Mom said to me a while ago that she's
always wanted to start collecting either beaters
or wash boards, so I got her collections
started. She now can start one.
Mother's day was relaxing really. Church, dinner at my Grandmother's (which I still don't understand why she wanted to cook lunch), more story telling and laughing, a nap back at my mom's, and an attempt to make mom a wreath for her door- it didn't turn out well. I'll try again this week. When I got back to Richmond, I did a lot of nothing. Well 2 loads of laundry and that's about it.

Me and my niece, Alyssa.

Now with my moma.

So this weekend was a little low key, not like normal. But any who.
Thanks for reading this little post if you did! ;)
Enjoy your week. I start my new job tomorrow. :/

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