Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Ugh! Technology.

I am seriously so bummed.
My laptop crashed. My camera broke. And my phone has about ran it's course.

I haven't backed up the images on my laptop for about 2 months. For reals. As a photographer, I have about 15,000 images on there total, and probably close to 2,000 not on my external hard drive. I want to cry thinking about it. This laptop is 2 years old. I told myself that I couldn't get a new one until I graduate... which is looking like a while away- like 2 years. Unless I go with when I should've graduated college? NO! I can NOT afford a new computer right now.

My camera is acting a fool. It is wild. It needs to be sent off and cleaned and fixed but that will take 8-12 weeks. Can I ask, how is that realistic? I guess real photographers have more than one camera. But how can it take up to 12 weeks to get it back? It's wedding season people. I can't afford to loose my camera for 3 months!!

My iPhone is being so stupid. Randomly shuts off and on. Drops calls like no other. I can hear another person talk but they can't hear me or vise versa. And so on and so on. It is nearly 2 years old and I can upgrade, but then again it cost money. Money in which I'm trying to save.

Michael's mac crashed too. His phone is one hot mess.

This week is not a good week for us and technology.



  1. Sweet, little blog you've got here, pretty lady! But I'm so sorry! I honestly feel like technology is the root of all my stress these days. Hope your week gets better! xo

    1. Thank you!! That's so sweet of you. I DID get my laptop fixed at least! :D
      Have a great weekend and thank you for reading!


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