Friday, May 11, 2012

High five for Friday!

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1. Grey's Anatomy. Yes last night's episode is making my top five this week. It was so crazy! Spoiler Alert! If you didn't watch last nights, skip to #2. I'm a little confused with how to show can go on with everyone in different hospitals... And someone dies next week?! Here's my theory... The hospitals in which they are all going to will be forced to higher someone else because they are late and injured. So they all must keep their jobs at Seattle Grace. Then who dies? I think Arizona or Callie will, but was Callie on the plane? Also, Patrick Demsy's contract is up for renewal with the show. They can't kill him off- can they? Then they will have to high Keptner back to run the hospital. Anyways next week is going to be INSANE! And of course we probably won't know who dies because that's their cliffhanger for next season.

2. Lots of thoughts, talks, and decisions this week have really made me realize how blessed I am to have Michael. He humbles me and brings me back down to Earth when I'm frantic, in the mists of a panic attach or frustrated to tears. Its no surprise we've been talking more than ever about of future lately. Where will we live once we're married? What will the 2 of us be able to afford with new bills coming in once we're married? When is a good time to move back home? Where will he search for a better job? I love being an adult, but with 2 health insurances, 2 car insurances, 2 cell phone bills, my car payment, rent, and other things- how will we do it while I'm still in school. I can pay mine but how will we fund everything? These are the questions that we discuss. The questions that stress me out, not what will our wedding favors be and what color will we want to paint our place. It's a lot to take in.
The marriage is more work than a wedding. And a marriage is more rewarding than a wedding. And a marriage will mean more than a wedding.

3. My mom is so incredible! She walked over 6 miles the other day. She's not very athletic and isn't wasn't fit. She said she had a meeting the other day and during it she walked around the room the entire time. HA! She's so funny. She's become obsessed with this walking thing.. Every morning, during work, she even walks to lunch, and again at night. She's so amazing. Since walking 7 weeks ago, her doctor has taken off of one of her insulins! How incredible is that?! I've never been more proud of her!

4. I got another job. A week ago today I had an interview at a semi local winery and they hired me right there on the spot! I'm so excited! I don't start until next week but I think it'll be tons of fun. I'll be working longgg days between that and my other job. 10am- 11pm but hopefully this will help with some those questions I was asking early. Hopefully I'll be able to save!

5. Family time this weekend! Mother's day is Sunday and I'll be home with my moma. Probably gardening again. Seeing Mike's mom at some point. Michael has to work all weekend. :( but we will make a point to see her somehow.

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I hope you all have a great weekend! Stay safe!

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