Friday, May 4, 2012

High Five for Friday!!!

This week has been long and dreadful, but not anymore!
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1. IT'S SUMMER! So not really summer by the soltice, but school is out for the summer (yes, like the 80's song). I will actually be going into the studios this summer to work on stuff- I just can't get away from that place. I love my major! I have about 101 things (probably more, literally) that I want to get done and they start tomorrow! If you like anything thrifty or crafty, check out Monday's post!

2. No school, more time, I need another job. SO I've got my first interview in a longgg time today! A little nervous and a lot of excited! Working part time is fine and dandy while doing classes, but it's summer, and I need to find another job. I've had mixed feelings with leaving my current one and finding a totally new one, but I've decided to just stay there and get an additional part time job. I'll be working 7 hours there 4 days a week. I need mo hours, mo money (lame Office joke).

3. You may or may not have seen my Tuesday post about looking at rings with Michael, but it's making this list too. It was such a blast and a lot more fun than I thought. We have actually been talking a lot about details and wedding stuff since then. He willingly looked at and gave lots of feed back on invitations, grooms cakes, and wedding dresses for about 2 hours with me last night. Michael is not the time to usually do that, so it was really special. I'm really excited! I told him I'm just going to go head and start planning the wedding now, he can pop the question whenever. :P

4. Weekends, weekends. Last weekend was so fun, busy, and crazy. It was a little too much for me running around, driving to Lexington/ Nicholasville every day, but it was so good to see loved ones and friends. This weekend should be much more calm. Dinner tonight for a friends birthday, spending the day tomorrow with my grandpa building stuff, and seeing my family! I'm spending the entire weekend home this weekend. My mom jokingly said this week, 'I want you to make time to come home this summer. I expect you home every weekend. ' I told her I expected her to pay for my gas every weekend then (jokingly too), and she agreed, so we'll see what she says when I hit her up for that.

5. Lastly, I am so proud of my mom! She deserves an entire post for herself, and will get that next weekend for mother's day. She has been walking anywhere from 4-6 miles a day! She is a diabetic, and honestly didn't take much care of herself until lately. She's been walking for a little over a month now and when to her 3 month check up yesterday and her hba1c went from 12.6 to 7. It's suppose to be under 6, but MAN is she getting there. This too is her not taking her insulin like she should've been, but her doctor told her there's no need to take it anymore! I am soo proud of her for sticking with it and doing so well! I know it's hard for her.

Ya'll have a great weekend!

Happy Star Wars Day today. Happy Cinco Di Mayo and Derby Day tomorrow. There's gunna be a lot of crazy people out there this weekend!


  1. Your on summer vacation already? LUCKY!!!

    1. Yep! University's last day was yesterday! :)


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