Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Oh How Pinteresting!

Linking up with The Vintage Apple again for one of my favorites- Pinterest!

High speed photography of balloon

Center piece box!

So cute and comfy looking.

iPhone image printer! Gemme!

Pallets. Michael's dad just got a TON of pallets.
Summer projects here I come!

Smores! Hollaaaa.

Strawberry pretzel salad. THE BOMB!
My mom makes this allll the time.

Tennis ball genius!

Outside wedding venue. Breath taking!

Blueberries rolled in
yogurt and frozen.
I'd do grapes!

Colored pencil rainbow wall. Amazeballs.
You can check out all these pins and more over on my Pinterest!

Enjoy your night everyone!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Weekend Round Up!

Memorial Day Weekend!
First off I need to pay a small tribute to the retired, enlisted, and fallen solders. Many in my family. I can't begin to say thank you and say how much you are appreciated. This country is so blessed to have you.

This weekend was so great. Lot's of working, time with family, and shopping!

Friday! I did about 101 errands before going into work. Then had the craziest night at work. Every Friday night they have live music at the winery and the weather was beautiful... bringing in a million people ready to drink. :/ It was a fun, fast night, but man was I ready for it to be over! I don't know what was my favorite part... a man break a huge glass bowl by me and it cutting my hand, the 50 people coming in after close, or the anger bitter people.

Saturday! Was another errand running day before work. It was another long shift. Steady and fun.. although most people didn't tip a penny that day. Ugh. My mom came in for a tasting so it was good to see and serve a familiar face. After closing (by myself for the first time) in a haunted house- which I don't believe in that but their stories are funny. Paranormal Specialists have came out there and everything. Anyways, after I got off I made Michael go driving with me. It was so incredible outside and I felt like driving around! We went driving around Berea, a little town about 15 minutes from Richmond... a town we are thinking about living in together once we get married. It's artsy, a little hippy, and so nice. I really love it.

Sunday! Was so great... and awful. Michael and I decided to take advantage of the sales going on. I was expected to spend a lot and couldn't find a thing! I did get a pair of heels! We went home to hang out with his parents after the failed shopping trip. They were bailing the hay on their farm and I thought, what a great photo op so we did. In this process I lost my cell phone somewhere on the 60 acre farm that was in the process of being bailed. After taking pictures and going into his grandparents house, I said to Michael 'I hope my phone is in my car, because it's no longer in my pocket' and he said 'I sure hope so too because it'll be like finding a needle in a hay stack.' As I HA-HA'd sarcastically. Well I did loose it out there. After about 2 and a half hours of driving around the farm on the gator, retracing out tracks, we couldn't find it. His dad came out and started walking the tracks. I told him where I figured it would be but wasn't... he walked over and found it! Bless his heart! I was going to be so lost without my iPhone. I was just upset I was going to lose all my images on there. It's all good! We all went for dinner about 8:30p finally that kept getting pushed back because we were fighting day light to find it!

Monday! I met up with my mom and did a little more shopping.. I got some great deals- better than yesterday. I got a dress and some swim suits from Target, a pair of capris and a shirt from platos closet, and a big ol beach hat! Did some grocery shopping, made some banana pudding, and wrapped up the night having dinner with a friend! It was a great, HOT night! The carnival rolled into town today and hopefully will be starting soon... I hear a funnel cake calling my name! I did also manage to get Michael's birthday present today. It's small but I think he'll like it, plus there's a handmade gift(s) coming Thursday too!

Hope you all enjoyed your extended weekend too!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

It's OK Thursday!

I said 10 minutes ago 'I'm not even tired!!' then I sat down and can barely keep my eyes open!

Linking up with A Complete Waste of Makeup!

It's OK that I started tanning again.

It's OK that I am tired now, I can nap.

It's OK that I am so sore it hurts to walk, because I've lost 3 lbs in 3 days!

It's OK that it's going to be in the 90's this weekend.

It's OK that I have to work this weekend.

It's OK that I love lace.

It's OK to have plans for myself and not do them.

It's OK that Michael's birthday is a week from today and I have NO idea what to get him.

It's OK to want more for yourself.

It's OK that I bought 2 new nail polishes today.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

Linking up for the second time today. Now with This Kind of Love!

I'm loving (and hating) that I so incredibly sore from my two hour work out yesterday morning. I can barely move, sneeze, cough, breath, but at least it's working.

I'm loving that I've got a couple of crafts marked off my To-Do list this week. I will be posting about thoughs this week!

I'm loving (and also hating) the Grey's finale. I'm sorry I keep talking about it.

I'm loving that I don't have to work Monday! Holla.

I'm loving (and again, hating) that I have to work this weekend. I love my job, hate missing family stuff.

I'm loving that when I have panic attacks or anxioty about my/ our future, Michael calms me down so quickly.

I'm loving the new vaccuum I got for $10 at a yard sale this weekend.

I'm loving planning a bridal party with the CO MOH for Emma this summer!

I'm loving this picture...

What are you lovely people loving?

Oh how Pinteresting!!

Alrighty! It's Wednesday. It's Oh how Pinteresting link up with The Vintage Apple! YAY! Love this link up, well I love Pinterest! So here we go....
Love the shelving!

Censor towel. How funny!
I love aqua dishes. Our future kitchen will
be aqua.

This is so sad, so true.


Beautiful (expensive) enamel necklase.

How springy and cute.

Jewlery organizer. PERFECT!

I'll do that!

Molten Chocolate Chip Cookie.
Is your mouth watering yet?

Outside relazing area. Don't you feel more relaxed by just
looking at this?

You can find all this pins and more here!
Have a good day!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Weekend Round Up!

It's now Monday, againnnn! :(

I honestly did a lot and not a lot this weekend. Makes sense right?

Friday I just laid around, did a few errands, spend the evening with my mom shopping (for things I couldn't buy) and had a great dinner! I did make her the deco mess wreath she's been asking for, and I don't think she really likes it. I'll have to post a picture later of it, I don't have one right this minute on here. I dog/ house sat for my Aunt this weekend- who happens to live in the same neighborhood, about 3 blocks from my mom.

Saturday she convinced me to wake up early and go to some yard sales with her, like we use to do. I am so glad I went. I got a new vacuum, that looks barely used for $10! And another egg beater for Michael's mom! That afternoon I headed to the winery for my first Saturday shift! It was, well, eventful. It was also slammed there for a little bit. I was serving 3 parties at once. So I was pretty much forced to know (or figure out) their questions. To be completely truthful, some of the questions I didn't know the answers to so I just made them up. Whatever. Emma, Ashley, and their fiancés came by for a tasting and to look around. It was nice to have them as my last group of the night. I took my time and had a good one. There was one party of 4 that come in, long story, needless to say, after 2 bottles, 19 tastings, and 2 tubs of cheese later, we had to ask them to leave because they were ridiculously loud. Other than that it was great fun! I can't wait to go back this weekend! Then fed the dog, changed, fell asleep for a few minutes, and dinner with Michael back in Nicholasville! We went to a good ol Mexican restaurant called El Portrio, or El Port-a-potty as we called it in high school. I don't know why- that's a bad name for a good place. We played a little corn hole afterwards out with Matt and Emma. They kicked our butt, but in our defense we haven't played yet this year. ;) After a long night at work, dinner, and game playing, we called it a night!!

Sunday was fun of errands and sad news that I won't go into details about. Nothing regarding me personally, but found out some sad news that I ask you to pray on if you don't mind. We had lunch after church with the family, visited with Michael's grandparents, and a house tour of his brother's new house! Too fun. When I go home I always take the back roads- so much more peaceful, beautiful scenery, and quicker! Tonight took about twice as long. I pulled over about 6 times to attempt to catch the sun setting and the lightening bugs glisten about. I joke you not, there were at least 1,000 in one field. It was so magically I got teary eyed. I know that's dumb, but lightening bugs go hand in hand with my childhood memories, so it got my retracing those times. That 45 minute turned 2 hour drive home was the most relaxed I have been in a long time. It was just me, my pandora playing through the speakers of my car, my camera, and nature- the bugs, the barns, and the fields. It was so exciting to me for some reason. I got like 4 decent picture out of the 100+ I took. It was an amazing way the weekend, and end the day.

Not a decent picture but I like it.

I hope you had a great weekend too. Thanks for reading.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

It's OK Thursday!

It's already Thursday. :( But good news is that is the link up day with A Complete Waste of Makeup!

It's OK that I took off work tonight to watch the season finale of Grey's in peace! I am so anxious- it's ridiculous.

It's OK that my car is pretty much trashed. I still haven't cleaned it out from practically living in it finals week.

It's OK that my new job makes me nervous. I had my first tasting yesterday and I 1) forgot to ID the young ladies and 2) Poured wayyy too much wine. Whatever. Now I know and I'm sure they appreciated it lol.

It's OK that it's about a 25 minute drive to the winery. It's a beautiful drive.

It's OK that I've got to drive home again this weekend. Positive; I get to see my family and home town friends. Negative; I have to get gas again. A tank of gas in one week is a LOT for my little Civic.

It's OK that we aren't going to South Carolina in July like planned anymore, because we're going to take a trip to Nashville or Gatlinburg instead!

It's OK that I am already tired and I've only been awake for about 3 hours. Nap later!

What is OK with you lately?

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

What I'm loving Wednesday!

Linking up with the expecting mother at This Kind of Love! ]

What I'm loving today (and this week) is....
• My new job. It's summer. I've been saying I need to save for months now and now I can. I'm working 2 jobs! My new one is at a local winery and Ioveee it. I'm actually sitting on the porch right now as I post this, listening to the birds chirp and watching the vines grow. Yesterday I did a lot of tasting- lucky me lol.

• Grey's Anatomy. I'm so sad tomorrow is the season finale but I'm so looking forward to it! I kinda looked online and found some sad news with who maybe leaving the show. This series always has my nerves and emotions crazy.

• Today is my Friday! Well kinda. I took off tomorrow to watch Grey's in peace. I work Saturday but still!

• My really great friend (who I talked about before, Heather- and not to be confused with my sister Heather) surprised everyone and came into town. She just recently had a baby and lives in New Mexico. The best part is- she's going to be here for at least a month!!

• I keep bragging and praising my mom's lifestyle changes.. And I'm going to keep doing it. She has been walking about 5+ miles a DAY! For a women who doesn't walk, or work out much, and has an office job- I think that's awesome. I'm SO FREAKING PROUD OF HER!

There's a lot I could go on about but I'll leave it at those. It's been a great week for the most part. Stressful and had down moments but I keep trying to remind myself of all the great stuff I have going too! :)

You all enjoy your Wednesday!
Lots of sunshine and love sending your way!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

No links up for me today.

It's Tuesday. The day of Top 5 Tuesday, and Target Tuesday.
I'm not going to have the time to link up today. I start my new job in 14 minutes. I'm actually sitting in my car waiting for the boss lady. I'm working until 2 then heading to my other job from 4-11pm tonight... Then repeating it tomorrow with an extra hour.
I'm seriously thinking about taking off Thursday night so I can A. Catch up on sleep and B. Watch Grey's with no interruptions!

Anyways, enjoy your link ups today people. I hope I find a minute to do tomorrows!

I could really get use to waking up and coming to this beautiful place.

Enjoy your day. It's a beautiful day here in Kentucky this morning.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Weekend Round Up!

It's Monday. :( Wahwahwahhhh.
It was such ac great weekend!

Friday, as usual, was errands day.. A trip to the bank, grocery, mall, Target, and petsmart. Michael and I also had to take is Macbook into the Apple Store because it was acting crazy! So it spent the night with them. We also made a trip to the massive Peddler's Mall. I got a few great things for myself, and Michael's mom (for her birthday and Mother's day).

Egg Beater.

Saturday was a crazy busy day. On the way to my mom's for the weekend, I saw signs for an antique show at an old schoolhouse. I said, hey, why not. So I drove out into the unknown and followed the signs to find amazing things. I got a few more things for Michael's mom.. I couldn't really afford anything else. After that awesome adventure, I headed back to the Apple Store to pick up Michael's computer for him. Bad news, it's dunzo. Yep, the Mac is dead. It's only 3 years old. :/ It was a sad day, well it still is sad. I finally headed to my mom's to send some time together before going to Mother's Day/ Birthday dinner for/ with Michael's parents. Side note- Michael's, his mom and dad, his brother, Mother's day, and this year- his dad's retirement are all in the same month. Crazy! We spent some time together catching up, eating, and gifting. After eating way to much, I headed back to Mom's to stay. Where my nephew was staying for the night too. A house full of crazy!!
Egg Beater 2.

Wash board.
His Mom said to me a while ago that she's
always wanted to start collecting either beaters
or wash boards, so I got her collections
started. She now can start one.
Mother's day was relaxing really. Church, dinner at my Grandmother's (which I still don't understand why she wanted to cook lunch), more story telling and laughing, a nap back at my mom's, and an attempt to make mom a wreath for her door- it didn't turn out well. I'll try again this week. When I got back to Richmond, I did a lot of nothing. Well 2 loads of laundry and that's about it.

Me and my niece, Alyssa.

Now with my moma.

So this weekend was a little low key, not like normal. But any who.
Thanks for reading this little post if you did! ;)
Enjoy your week. I start my new job tomorrow. :/

Friday, May 11, 2012

High five for Friday!

Linking up with From My Grey Desk for HIGH FIVE FOR FRIDAY!
I'm posting from my phone and it's really difficult to tag Lauren and post images! I'm sorry!

1. Grey's Anatomy. Yes last night's episode is making my top five this week. It was so crazy! Spoiler Alert! If you didn't watch last nights, skip to #2. I'm a little confused with how to show can go on with everyone in different hospitals... And someone dies next week?! Here's my theory... The hospitals in which they are all going to will be forced to higher someone else because they are late and injured. So they all must keep their jobs at Seattle Grace. Then who dies? I think Arizona or Callie will, but was Callie on the plane? Also, Patrick Demsy's contract is up for renewal with the show. They can't kill him off- can they? Then they will have to high Keptner back to run the hospital. Anyways next week is going to be INSANE! And of course we probably won't know who dies because that's their cliffhanger for next season.

2. Lots of thoughts, talks, and decisions this week have really made me realize how blessed I am to have Michael. He humbles me and brings me back down to Earth when I'm frantic, in the mists of a panic attach or frustrated to tears. Its no surprise we've been talking more than ever about of future lately. Where will we live once we're married? What will the 2 of us be able to afford with new bills coming in once we're married? When is a good time to move back home? Where will he search for a better job? I love being an adult, but with 2 health insurances, 2 car insurances, 2 cell phone bills, my car payment, rent, and other things- how will we do it while I'm still in school. I can pay mine but how will we fund everything? These are the questions that we discuss. The questions that stress me out, not what will our wedding favors be and what color will we want to paint our place. It's a lot to take in.
The marriage is more work than a wedding. And a marriage is more rewarding than a wedding. And a marriage will mean more than a wedding.

3. My mom is so incredible! She walked over 6 miles the other day. She's not very athletic and isn't wasn't fit. She said she had a meeting the other day and during it she walked around the room the entire time. HA! She's so funny. She's become obsessed with this walking thing.. Every morning, during work, she even walks to lunch, and again at night. She's so amazing. Since walking 7 weeks ago, her doctor has taken off of one of her insulins! How incredible is that?! I've never been more proud of her!

4. I got another job. A week ago today I had an interview at a semi local winery and they hired me right there on the spot! I'm so excited! I don't start until next week but I think it'll be tons of fun. I'll be working longgg days between that and my other job. 10am- 11pm but hopefully this will help with some those questions I was asking early. Hopefully I'll be able to save!

5. Family time this weekend! Mother's day is Sunday and I'll be home with my moma. Probably gardening again. Seeing Mike's mom at some point. Michael has to work all weekend. :( but we will make a point to see her somehow.

Thanks for reading!
I hope you all have a great weekend! Stay safe!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Oh how Pinteresting!

I was online until the wee hours last night organizing my pins. Seriously. I have a problem. I'm up to 21 boards and 1491 pins. That's stupid.

Linking up with The Vintage Apple today for one of my favorites.

Take me here.

Super cute.

Precious first look.

Inception cat.

Love this garden table.


Comfy class.

Paint chip decor.

Floral shower curtain.

This would be nice in a dinning room to store table clothes,
nakins, and the fancy silverware!

Wood cake.
You can see all these pins and more right here.