Sunday, April 15, 2012

Weekend Round UP!

I have been MIA on here since Thursday... :/

Well I've got a lot to talk about. A couple posts coming today- so beware!

This weekend was so fun! As always, my weekends start on

Friday. Michael and I headed to Lexington to do a few things before going to Keeneland, but didn't make it there in time for it to be worth it.... so we just walked around the mall, drove around our home town- literally.. We just took back roads, drove downtown, went past all stuff. It's been a little weird lately... When I moved out of that ghost town, I said I was never moving back. Well, here I am 2 years later and missing it soo much. Michael found out at that he didn't get that job he interviewed for (bummer), and it's seriously turned our life some loops. We want to move back home more than ever now! We miss out families, our friends, our homes. I also found out that I'll be in school a semester longer than i thought, so that pushes things back further for us. I would say hey, I'll move back home now- live with my mom again, commute to school, but going 4 days a week just isn't worth the gas and time back and forth. SO! We are putting a pin in it and just going to see how life plays out these next few months before making any rational decisions (like going back for my masters after graduation, getting new BIG jobs, moving home, getting engaged, etc). ANYWAYS that night was my grandpas Papa's 77th birthday! I asked him how old he felt and he said 97- silly man. I said he looks 37, he replied with 'If I had a nickle I'd give it to you for saying that but I'm poor. I've got a peppermint, want it?' He is so silly, sweet, and funny. He is the king of lame jokes.. example; while waiting for our table (which we had reservations for but still waited OVER an hour for), he looked at my mom and said 'What did you say?' she said 'nothing?' he replied with, 'I guess that's why I didn't hear you.' I guess you had to be there....

SATURDAY was craaazy busy. Wedding dress shopping for like 5+ hours with my bff Emma. She tried on 18 dresses I think her mom and I counted. Some good, most great. It was SO fun to be apart of. Her mom, my mom, and us.. Laughing, and me making her cry because I couldn't control myself. She found some really great dresses. I always pictured her in a small scale ball gown- not Cinderella or a cupcake dress, just something with a little poof. She said NO! She wanted something flowy and soft and simple. So we looked for those. She tried them on and they just weren't really doing anything for her or her body. So she tried on one poofy one that she liked- it opened all types of doors for her that she didn't think she'd have! It was so fun- and can't wait to try again!! After all that, I took a needed nap! Then dinner with Mike.

SUNDAY was chillll. I slept for about 11 hours, and took a nap for about an hour accidental. I did go into the studio to get some work done and fixed Michael dinner? Watched a lot of Sex in the City, Bride Wars, Frozen Planet, True Life, War of Worlds, and a bunch of other crap.

Happy Monday! Have a great week! :)


  1. What a great weekend!!!
    I know how you feel about "home"
    So fun you got to spend some time with the precious emma!!!


    1. It's hard isn't it? It's almost like you're living a double life- at least for me. I get sucked into school and work here then get so relaxed and free at home.
      It was great to spend time with her and our Mom's. They are so similar it's a little crazy.


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