Monday, April 9, 2012

Weekend Round Up!

The weekend is already gone and a new week has begun. Too soon! Only 3 more Monday's in this semester. :/ AHH! Well let's get on with it!
Friday: Michael and I had about 101 things to do that morning, so we reconnected for lunch and did a little 'window shopping' that afternoon. We did get a new vacuum for our fish tank. Yes you heard me correctly. It's this thing that sucks all up gravel, cleans it, and spits it back out. I am just so incredibly impressed with it. The tank looks brand new! That night we took it easy and just hung out.

Saturday: Another busy morning! I met my dad, sister and her family at Jacobson Park for an Easter egg hunt. It being the Saturday before Easter, there were a thousand people there, a kite flying contest, food vendors, and more! We snuck away to our own little table, where we could see all the kites, to eat before hiding eggs. I did a little shopping after that for a new Easter outfit- I know- late much? Then home to spend the evening with my mom, niece, and nephew. We colored eggs, baked cake balls (that didn't turn out), and watched a movie! Good times with the fam.

Sunday: It was a crazy day!!! Church with the family, lunch with my family, dessert (because we missed lunch) with Michael's family, an accidental but needed nap, and dinner with his grandparents to celebrate his grandpa's 93rd birthday this week!

So to say the least, the weekend was great. It's Monday night at 1am... I haven't been sleeping well and tried all new kind of remedies tonight and they are starting to kick in. I'm afraid I won't remember typing this tomorrow.....

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