Monday, April 2, 2012

Weekend Round Up & A Question for YOU

Well this weekend was one heck of a weekend. So busy, and went by wayy too fast- more so than usual. Since I didn't get to do High Five for Friday, let me fill you in a little bit from Thursday too. If you just want to give your advise, scroll to the bottom.

*Side note: sorry for the awful quality of the last several pictures. Phone pics.*

THURSDAY: Each year EKU has a jurored student exhibition where students can enter their work in, a visiting artist (the amazing Carrie Backer this year) comes in and 'sorts' through the work submitted and selects the ones that gets into the gallary. 3/5 of my pieces I submitted got in! I was so gitty and excited!!! (Go check out her work 'Barbie Trashes her Dream House..') These are the 3

A photo series- before it's hung.

FRIDAY was a jam packed day. I mean JAMMED. I haven't been sleeping too well and woke up at 8am Friday so instead of going back to sleep and risk getting a headache, I got up and started my day.  I headed to campus to help set up and orgainze some of the art. I did a LOT of running around, lunch with mom, and shopping with Michael. I got so many clothes this weekend! Pictures of some to follow. That night was another installment of Cosmic Zumba. This month's theme was March Mustache Madness- two of my favorite things! It was all fun and games until I twisted my bad ankle. :( Here's some pics from that.

And the clothes:

This wrap belt I got in black too. They were $.97 each!!!
SATURDAY was one of the busiest days ever. We went up to Michael's brother and sister in law's new house! They just signed on it this week and moving in this weekend. So we stopped by right outside Cincinnatti for a little moving around and see the new pad. It is SO cute. It has so much character and charm. THEN over to the aquirum. I was going to get Michael the penguin encounter for a gift, and they were SOLD OUT! Seriously? This was one of the whole reasons we can. It was still fun- then my camera died right after we got to the penguins. :( Gur! On the way home we did some more shopping at Florence Mall. We made sure we were home by 6 for the UK game. It was so instense, so incredible, and close! I was so exhausted and took a nap during half time and woke up recharged and ready to cheer on some more. With much pride I can say, we are in the Championship! Us vs Kansas State. The crowd is going to be BLUE!

Davis with a catch and dunk of his career.

SUNDAY was such an exciting day to say the least. The gallary opening in which my work just got accepting into was that afternoon. Along with mine and Michael's 3 year anniversary. He surprised me with these flowers, one of my favorites- daisies.
Anniversary and 'art day' flowers as Mike said
as he handed them to me. 
The entire day I was so nervous for some reason. My mom and grandparents came along to the opening with us. We looked at all the art and got to visit with some great people. I knew they were doing awards, but didn't think I'd win a single one- and that was A-OK with me. I was just so thrilled to get accepted. They got everyone's attention in the 3 open floored gallery and started announcing the winners... best in fundamentals, best in sculpture, best in ceramics, best painting, best in printmaking, best in yatta yatta... all of these were chosen by that juror I was talking about, but the prize come for the area head of that department (the photo or painting professor). Then there was one award from the Dean of the Art and Design for best in show, and one from the Head of Chair. Welllllll, I won the one from the Dean for my photo series. Yeah, me?! Michael said my face was priceless when they announced my name. :) It came along with a little bit of a scholarship that was totally unexpected! I am still in shock. Walking through the building today, everyone is telling me 'Congratulations' and I guess it hasn't sunk in yet, I don't know. Here is a picture from the show:

After all that hoopla, Michael and I took a much needed nap before celebratory dinner for out anniversary and the award. Then we played Monopoly while watching Fox & The Hound.

Ok. So I've read Rainn Wilson's Soul Pancake: Chew on Life's Biggest Questions about 3 times now. It is really one of the best things. It helps you find out a lot about yourself, and others. It's where philosophy, creativity, and spirituality meet. There is a chapter on life, love, religion, art, etc. The book is created from the website that is just as awesome. Michael and I have taken it on the few of our road trips to ask and answer some questions about each other- deep questions. It may sound a little odd, but it's like the marriage consoling couples do before the wedding to find out the DEEP things about each other.  So my question to you all is, should I do a weekly post on the book? Not giving away the entire thing so it's pointless to go buy the book, but like a preview. Ask or do the task the book is wanting, I'll answer or do it honestly, and if you all want to respond that would be great. Or maybe make it a link up? What are you alls opinions? HONESTLY.

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  1. 1. CONGRATS ON YOUR BEST IN SHOWWWW!!! So exciting!!!
    2. I would LOVE to hear more about that book! A weekly post would be really cool!!!

    continue to have a wonderful week!



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