Monday, April 2, 2012


As I am typing this, Michael is playing 'We Are the Champions' for reals.

My nerves were shot since I woke. I seriously felt nauseous most of the day, and couldn't stop eating. I ate 3 times on campus today. I wasn't anxious until about 6:00 hit when I got to work and it was DEAD! Monday's are the busiest days, and there was no one in the gym. I told my boss Mike was coming over at 9 with pizza to watch that game of that was alright. She said sure, since my suggestion of closing the gym early was already declined. :(
I turned the game pre-show on and seriously thought I was going to throw up. I got butterflies and knots all at the same time.
To some people (non sports fans) this all probably sounds ridiculous- it does to my mom I'm sure. But unless you have a team you love, you won't get it. I was born and raised for the first 8 years of my life, and lived 5 minutes away up until almost 3 years ago.
I bleed blue.
I am a wildcat.
I live in the big blue nation.
I love Kentucky basketball.
Tonight's game was intense and insane to say the least. It was close, ugly, painful, beautiful, and incredible. We made some pretty 3 pointers and some had some hard falls.

We pretty much won the game the first half and Kansas came back to trail by 9 I think in the second half. When the buzzer hit 0.0 and the confetti fell over the Championship team, the players hugged, and the crowds both there and here roared, Michael and I couldn't stop clapping and smiling and hugging. At this point, the gym had been closes for nearly an hour- we stayed to finish the game.. Turning off all the lights, locking the doors, and leaving the one out of seven TV's on.
Now Michael has to be at work at 6am tomorrow to open the store at 7am, and sell UK Champs tshirts, and then go to the midnight showing of Titanic with me. :)

It wasn't until the interview with Coach Cal that I got teary eyed. He is sucks great man, saying this means nothing to his legacy, but means everything to the players and the big blue nation. He is incredible and so extremely loved here in the bluegrass state.

I just want to end with saying:
I am so proud to live in Kentucky and so proud to have been born and raised loving the wildcats. I can remembering going UK games with dad at a kid and being a UK cheerleader many years for Halloween. It's incredible being in the Big Blue Nation. You may never understand the love the fans has for this team year after year, but I assure you it's incredible. I will also miss the superb players that are moving on to the NBA to fulfill their dreams, as they have fulfilled ours with living through our eighth national championship!


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