Thursday, April 19, 2012

It's OK Thursday!

Where did this week go?
I haven't been on in almost two day and missed a couple of my favorite link ups, but made it to this one with A Complete Waste of Makeup.

It's OK that yesterday I woke up with a killing migraine yesterday for the second day in the row and couldn't handle it, so..

It's OK that I went to the hospital and got a SHOT in my BUM!

It's OK that the shot didn't even touch my headache.

It's OK that it STILL HURTS! (not as bad, but still pretty bad).

It's OK to be thinking about tonight Grey's for a week now.

It's OK to be sooo excited about this weekend!

It's OK that there are 1 WEEK left of classes... really 2 but last week is the week we can use the studios.

It's OK that I haven't done laundry in, umm about 2 weeks? I'm not down to bathing suit bottoms as undies yet, but I am down to the dressiest and the scummiest of things that I own. :/

It's OK that I watch some of the crappiest TV ever... Couple's Retreat, Real Housewives, 16 & Prego.

It's OK that I cry during sad parts of those shows. I'm sobbing while watching Couple's Retreat right now.

It's OK that I am soo not ready for photo crit today. I'm just voicing my options today, not my work, but photo critiques are exhausting.

That's all I've got for now ya'll. Enjoy your Thursday. It's almost Friday!!

What's OK with you lately?

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