Thursday, April 12, 2012

It's OK Thursday!

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I'm going to take this time to vent a little about issues that are bothering me this week lately.. so they maybe a little longer.

This is me trying to let it all go...

It's OK that my very best friend, of over 13 years, is going to try on wedding dresses this weekend. I think it's just hitting me that she is getting married. I am going to try my hardest not to cry my eye out when she walks out in that first dress, but with her mom, my mom, some bridesmaids all staring at her, it's going to be hard.

It's OK that another good friend of mine had her second baby last night. She has a 2 year old baby girl, and gave birth last night to an 8lb. 8oz. baby boy, Hudson. She moved to New Mexico about a year ago. Her family from here in Kentucky was on there 20 hour drive there day before yesterday. They arrived at the hospital just in time for her to give birth. Isn't that incredible? She's an only child, and is so close to her and her husband's family. God is so great to make that little man wait for his Grandma to get in the delivery room before popping out.

It's OK that I found out some pretty awful news last night about my schooling. I SHOULD be graduating this semester, but I switched majors 3 times and transferred. It going to be 2 years now. It's just a semester longer than I planned, but it's throws a lot off, plus more money!

It's OK that I can't plan or stick to a plan everything. I do plans. Every night before bed I go through my plan in my head for the next day. I like spontaneous things, don't get me wrong, but for everyday life, I need a plan. I have a life 'plan' to. Not like 'in 2 years married, in 5 years we have kids, in 8 years we build a house, in....' I guess I have goals that I want done in a timely manor. I want us to move closer to home. I want to get married. I want to graduate. I want to own a little shop. I want to get over it.

It's OK that I am DONE with last project in metals. Well, almost done. I need to finish the necklace part. My next project is so BA, just saying. It's a mini production series!

My finished necklace? I'll post one soon of it on the body- it's
much better like that.

Enough with my soap box!

Enjoy your Thursday!

What's OK with you lately?


  1. i changed my major three times too, & graduated 2 years's okay because I made it! lol

  2. If you cry, you know who will cry (me). Lol God made us emotional for a reason! Might as well embrace it!! Haha I can't hasn't even hit me really that I am getting married. Is your mom going?! Did she decide to?! I hope so! My mom would love if she did.

    And don't worry about school, God sometimes does His best works in us when we're waiting for the next big thing. Everything will fall into place...just TRUST that! Love you!!


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