Thursday, March 8, 2012

What I do in art school & beyond!

So majoring in two art focuses is a little time consuming. I'm preparing to apply for my BFA (bachelor of fine arts) next week, so this week today I've been going through all my drawings, painting, metal work, photos, and other stuff. I thought I'd share with you some of the stuff I've been doing for the last year/ year and a half.

Painting: The first is 4 separate 2'x2' panels. The second is a 4'x5' canvas.

Metalsmithing: Necklace. It goes around your neck, over the breasts, ribs, and little belly button.

Enamel bowl.

Bowl. Raised. Took about 6 weeks!

This is my most recent metals work. It's a peanut necklace. Formed copper, enamels, and set.
Printmaking: Life size paper model. Tissue paper and glue.

 Printmaking: Crayon flowers in a flower pot.

Etching of my photo.
 Bubble art!

Drawing: Self portrait. The post its have different eyes, mouths, and hearts that can be flipped.

Photo: These are from my first semester of photo. 35mm film, printed, and stained with coffee.

These aren't for any class but for the heck of it. This is what I've done all week.
What it is is a candelabra glued to whatever is on top!

 This isn't for class either. Just a heart wired ring!

These are enamel rings. Three separate rings with enamel tips.

Coasters! Really, tile and paper!

I've said before that I'm a little obsessed with jars (it even says so in my bio), and so I am so excited about this little thing I made last night! It's a soap dispenser!

These all are just some of what I've dug up today and felt like they were photographic worthy. Thanks for looking at my crafts and stuff. I appreciate it a tons! Hope you all are enjoying your Thursday! :)

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