Sunday, March 18, 2012

Weekend Round Up

So this weekend went by way to freaking fast! But I did a lot!

Friday I went and saw The Lorax with my niece, nephew, and mom. It was super cute! I am a little bias but Ed Helms is one of the main characters and I just love him. The kids were so excited to go! As you can tell from the below!

After running around all day with them, I went back to Richmond and did a lot of nothing! As I said in my previous post, I got the news that I was excepting into the BFA program (actually during the movie I was emailing my professor, I couldn't wait). I took a nap that evening and just hung out.

This is part of the letter I got this afternoon. 

Yesterday was jam packed! I had a photo shoot with two little cute boys in the morning. If this doesn't brighten your day, I don't know what will! Baby laughs are the best.

After that I may quick plans to go downtown Lexington with Emma and Kayla for some St. Patrick's Day festivities. We watched the parade which was really nice! The weather was awesome! Here's a little bit of what we saw.
This boy waved the entire time- to everyone!

We had a great time! Enjoyed each other company, the parade, and the weather!
After that business, Michael and I met back up and had dinner with his parents. I know the following little bit will mean nothing to you, but I'll tell you anyways.
So 5 years ago this June, Michael graduated high school. We were best friends in high school, before dating. For his graduating present I got him the license plate made. He's a little obsessed with his car and was at the time too. We had this inside joke back then.. We were both always played the third wheel to our friends. We had the same group of friend and we were tagging alone on dating with them, and even when there were 2 other couple, we'd be the third wheels because we weren't dating. So we called ourselves the '3W4L,' yes third wheelers for life. Well I got this made for him.

Once we started dating 2 years later I asked him where it was and he honestly had no cool. Last he knew it was hanging in his bedroom at his parents- which his mom made into an office that summer. Pretty muhc eery time we go to his parents house I mention in and tell him to just go to the basement and look for it- that's where she said it would be. He always says he won't find it and will look for it when he has more time. WELL his parents are cleaning out their basement and he went down there yesterday, and I truely didn't think anything of it because I was in the middle of a conversation with his mom when he went down with his dad... They were down there all of 10 minutes and he came back upstairs and laid it on the table like it was no big deal. I flipped out! I seriously got teary eyed looking at it. It is totally not how I remembered it, but gosh it brough back so many memories of out friendship back then. It's just so awesome!

 It was also game day. UK won! :) We are back in the sweet 16! WOO HOO!
Picture from
 TODAY I did a lot too, kind of. 3 loads of laundry, 2 loads in the dishwasher, and piled up some winter clothes. Mike and I went around to some shops here in Richmond before hitting up a movie this evening. We didn't find much.... until we went to Peddler's Mall. When we go out there are 2 things on our list; old posters and mason jars. We hit jackpot today. We found this always tin signs there. They're were some old International tractor signs that Michael and I died for. His dad and grandfather collect International things. We got 4 new signs. Luckily both their birthdays are coming up, and his dad's retirement! I can't wait to give them to them! I'll have to post pictures soon of them.
THEN! We also found..... OLD BLUE MASON JARS! Yes siree. It was so funny. We just walking around and Michael tapped me on my arm and pointed to this man. I was like 'What?' He pointed more and behind the man was a shelf of about 40 blue mason jars! I just smiled so big. We had like 20 minutes before the movie started. So I rushed looking at them all, talking to the man there about the jars. He was a nice fellow getting some himself. We talked mason jar history. It was nice! Anyways, I looked for as long as possible and picked out 6. They were WAY cheaper than what we got them for last weekend. I'm going back tomorrow for more! :P Here is what I got today!

A beauty right?

LASTLY today, we went and say 21 Jump Street with our go to couple friends. It was so freaking HAlarious. Go see it! There is actually a great shocker in it. It was good to see Channing Tatum play a funny role more than a just the cute guy, but he is that guy too in this! And I just love Jonah Hill- he has the a way of making a normal joke the funnies thing you'll ever hear! There were a ton of previews in it- awesome movies coming out soon.
Anyways. Sorry for going on and on- so much went on this weekend. I hope you enjoyed yours, and have a GREAT week!


    A. Of coure I love the mason jar story!
    B. I have UK to win it all… yes I thought about you and Emma while doing that
    C. CONGRATS on getting into your photo program!!!
    D. What a sweet story about you and Michael!!!

    Im glad you had such a great weekend!


    1. Meg, wait until you see tomorrows post. Three words; lots of jars.
      You're a smart girl having us going ALL THE WAY! :)
      Thank you! I'm so relieved and excited to be in!
      Thank you!
      Have a good night!

  2. so fun! me & the hubs really want to see 21 jump street!


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