Monday, March 5, 2012

Weekend Round Up!

This weekend went by too fast, luckily it's my spring break! Unfortunately there is 4 inches of snow on the ground. Really? We've experienced every season in the last 4 days. Here's a recap on my weekend events. Like every weekend, I get 3 days off. No class and no clock in- clock out job Friday- Sunday.
Friday I braved the tornado's that were coming and ran some errands. Then just sat back and watched the tornado's- fun right?
Saturday was fun! I had been looking forward to the Arts & Crafts fair in Lexington for several weeks now. It was so awesome! We tasted some yummy food, got some awesome postcards I was looking for, found some incredible inspiration, and picked up some business cards for the future.
I got these cards, postcard, gift tags, and coaster from Hound Dog Press out of Lousiville. I am so glad I met them. A. They kind of offered a internship this summer there. Which is AWESOME! and B. They will be doing my wedding invitations. They are so creative and fresh and totally the style I want!

How awesome are these bags.
That top thing is their business card!
And I got these cards and a gift tag by... I can't remember but I will get back to you on this.

Then after that, I stopped by Platos Closet. I spent $25 and got all these cute things!
This is a short baggy shirt. I'm loving these.
Cute, little baggy, Forever21 shirt.
I think it's springy and Eastery!
Mt favorite!!! Olive green shoulder bag!
After I got my shopping fix all day.. I went home for a catnap and got ready for Cosmic Zumba: Berea vs Richmond (I'm with Richmond, considering I work at Richmond Athletic Club). Here's what that looks like.
Onieta. One instructor and a co-worker.
What the crowd looks like.
Sunday was so lazy- like all Sunday's should be. Michael and I were suppose to go to his parents for dinner, but he grandpa went into the hospital Friday. He's doing better, but your prayers would still be awesome. So his parents had more important things to worry about than make dinner and his grandparents wanted some time without company. So we watched the UK game! We won! YAYYY! Like we wouldn't? Just kidding, but not really. After the game we went and saw Project X with a friend. It was really funny, but did have a lot of nudity and fowl language.


Then we did a lot of more nothing. I took a nap, made dinner, and watched a couple of movies. We finished all the Breaking Bad that Netflix has to offer, so now we are trying to find a new show to watch. I use to watch NipTuck some a long time ago, so it was just there on Netflix and so we watched the first episode. We'll see how it goes. There's a lot of nudity in that too and sometimes can get a little too much for me.

I have so much to do this week and I've been sitting here on my computer, watching Grey's Anatomy for too long.
How was your weekend?

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  1. Ohhh so THATS what cosmic zumba looks cool! I love that floral shirt you got! Too cute. =)


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