Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Top 5 Tuesday: Restaurants

I'm linking about another Tuesday with Rachel from Just Peachy for our top 5 restaurants! I'm a pig so this is a little difficult to narrow them down to just 5!
(pictures courtesy of the restaurants websites)

1. Ramsy's Diner. They have the most amazing hot browns! For you people who don't know what this is, let me fill you in what you're missing. It's bread, ham, toast, cheesy sauce, topped with cheese, bacon, and a tomato. YUM! They also serve an awesome Mayday Pie (aka Derby pie).


2. Crackel Barrel. I love their pancakes! I always leave their super stuffed.

3. Askua or Koto. I love Japanese food! These places (one in Nicholasville and one in Richmond) have the hibachi grill. I always get the teriyaki chicken with fried rice!

4. UNO's. I love me some pizza! I mean LOVE. I have pizza at least twice a week. Whenever we get the chance, we go to Uno's. My mom introduced me to this place on vacation one year, and it was over when they put on in close to here. Their deep dish pizza is incredible! They have a lunch buffet that is so awesome!

5. Ceddars. Up until last summer I totally forgot about this place. They have Monte Cristos. Which is turkey and ham, and two cheeses on bread, then battered and cooked and topped with powdered sugar. (Kind of like a hot brown now that I think about it...)


  1. I love UNOs! I wish there was one closer to me!

  2. yumm, cracker barrel!!

    i love a monte cristo :)

    and uno's pizza is pretty good, but i am from chicago so deep dish pizza is a staple!

    cute blog!

    1. I love deep dish pizza! Thanks for reading! :)


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