Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Oh how Pinteresting!

So I've been up since about 8:30 this morning, and a thing you should know if you don't already. I am NOT a morning person. I rarely get up before 10:30, but really more like 11am.

I am been working like a mad women the last two days on my portfolio, so now I'm taking 15 minutes out of my day to link up with Michelle over at The Vintage Apple.

I LOVE navy and green! 
Is this not the cutest thing?

Yay for brights!

Again with the blue and greens. 

Ultimate fridge.

Wedding colors one day? MELTS MY SOUL.

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  1. LOVE the picture of the baby and the cute dog!

  2. Loving neon a lot! I love that picture! I actually tried on a neon cardi the other day and thought I looked like a highlighter and put it back because I was scared I couldn't pull it off. Maybe I'll give it another try! Good luck with everything!

    1. I love neon! Although I don't think it looks as good on pale people as tan and I'm a ghost right now!

  3. Naps are seriously the best thing in the whole entire world..well of the best things! Haha.

  4. I want those super-bright friendship bracelets!


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