Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Mason jars, mason jars, and more mason jars.

So my post a few days ago was saying what a great weekend I had. One of the main reasons was because I found and bought a TON of new mason jars. I got 6 Sunday night and went back yesterday to sort through a find some more. Well buddy I did. I got 15 yesterday, went back again today for the third day in a row and bought 3 more. I am seriously running out run to put them all. I'm crazy, I know!
Sunday Michael and I went to look around and buy some. When I went back yesterday he keep encouraging me to get more. He said, 'if you have the money, get them. you enjoy having these like I enjoy car parts.' So with that in mind I went out to get more. Mind you, I rarely shop alone because that's when I over do it- when no one is watching. Leaving me alone in Peddler's Mall with so many of my favorite item was NOT a good idea. I looked and looked around for about an hour and a half. I left the store with these:

The ones from yesterday.

The ones from Sunday

Yeah. I was too excited last night to take the tags off before I took my picture. I got some as cheap as $3! Well about 20 minutes after I bought these my sister texted me and said, 'we got these into work today and I thought of you.' She works at an eBay store back home and when I saw the text I flipped. 

Um. I want them all? I asked how much. She didn't know and was really asking my advice on how much to sell them for. I offered her a price per jar and told her to let me know what the owners thought. They agreed that the price was fine. There are 17 here and the owner has more. SO Friday, I'm going to meet up with them, go through and pick out the ones I want, and offer them a price. Can you say DREAM?! All the jars I can get for a reasonable price!
Well when I went back to Peddler's Mall today I told myself two things; you are only buying the ones you're looking for and you're not spending more than $20. I met and conquered both of those goals for once! These are the ones I got today. Both are rare- not SUPER rare, but rare and defiantly worth more than what I bought them for.
The ones from today.
For real! I kept telling Michael how dumb I felt for spending A. this much money on jars after I just said 4 days ago that I was going to do some serious saving but buying these instead and B. this much time and effort to find, sort, and store all these! He keeps telling me to go for it, but after I purchase these jars Friday that I should probably lay off buying anymore for a while, and I agree. I have some already and the last few weeks I've been buying them like crazy.

I'm so excited for Friday! So be sure to check back this weekend to see what all I got Friday.

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  1. Loving the cute colorful chairs you have as spacers between your blog posts.... too cute!


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