Thursday, March 1, 2012

It's OK Thursday!

I can't belive it Thursday already! I feel like I just did this link up like yesterday! I'm linking up with Neely with A Complete Waste of Makeup for It's OK Thursday!

It's OK that I didn't sleep that well last night because I can take a nap before work!

It's OK that my best friend, very best friend, my loving-amazing-incredible-beautiful-smart best friend, got engaged last night. Do you hear that people? She is ENGAGED and it's OK with me!!!! Did you think it wouldn't be? Really? I am ecstatic for her!

It's OK that Pizza Hut won't deliver the $10 box to me because my lovely boyfriend offered to go pick it up for me!

It's OK that I enjoy grocery shopping.

It's OK that I forgot about a test and paper I have due at midnight tonight, cause I have all day to do it!

It's OK that The Office and Grey's Anatomy come on at the same time, because I try to watch Grey's at work while texting with Michael's mom about what's going on, and watch The Office with Michael on Hulu on Fridays.

It's OK that I am seriously thinking about taking a 2 hour drive one way to TN and back next week for a certain slushy. (but that's excessive spending which I'm not suppose to be doing)

It's OK that Parenthood the last two weeks have brought not tears to my eyes, but floods of tears.. like sobbing.

What is OK with you?

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