Friday, March 9, 2012

High Five for FRIDAY!

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Usually with this link up I tell why my week was great, but today I'm going to tell you why today was great!

We went to Cincinnati today! We started the day there at St. Lawrence Bakery. My mom was born and lived in Cincy until she was 13. Her, my aunt, and my grandmother would walk to this bakery every Saturday morning. Every trip we make to Cincinnati, it's a must that we stop here! This is why:

Pecan butter cookies with a creamy chocolate top.
 Michael thinks I am crazy for spending $10.95 for one pound of these cookies. I hyped up this place the entire way there. The look on his face as we left was priceless. I told him to just lie to me and tell me it was the best thing he ever ate once he tried it to make me happy.

Yes, I photographed his first cookie.
Then we headed on over to the Cincinnati Art Museum where there was a Picasso and Monet collection. It was free! It was so nice. I learned that Michael and I have pretty different taste in art. He like the historic stuff that I tend to find boring, and I love the crazy futuristic stuff he finds 'thrown together.'
I got in trouble twice there. Let me explain something, the second I got there, I read the map and the photography rules. They were (along the lines of) anything created before 1978 you could photograph. Great. Done. That's the majority of the stuff. We went directly to the Picasso prints first. Amazing. I mean, seriously. I took picture after picture. Then over to the Monet work we went. About this time like 3 high schools got there with a ton of kids that were all in the same room. I took a picture of one of his famous paintings. I went over to another popular one and photographed it. The art worker looked at me and said, 'There is NO photography in here.' Again I looked at the paper they gave. It says before 1978. This is before that? OHHH. It also says living artists, special exhibits, and otherwise marked. I should continue reading rules. :/ Well there was a group of like 25 students everywhere and I snuck behind them look like at one last one. Well I stepped over the line you're not to cross. Again, a different museum employee, said, 'Ma'am! Please watch your step back there!' OMG! He said it so loud, over the entire group being toured. I was so embarrassed and ran over to Michael and we left the room.

Leaving the museum, we got just a little lost and it was so worth it. We ended up on top of this little mountain on the Cincinnatti side, overlooking Covington. It was just breathtaking. So we pulled over and enjoyed it.

We even saw a barge moving some coal.

After the last picture, I said smile! This is what I got.....
I'll take it though.
After our awesome minute view, back on the road to Richmond we were. It was only 5:00 and we had no plans. So we stopped by an antique shop. It was incredible. As I've mentioned before, I'm a little obsessed with mason jars. We walked around and made our way to this booth...

I lost it. Literally. I saw these and gasped a little. When I picked one up I assumed it was going to be $15-20. Nope, $9, with the lid. I got teary eyed. I don't know why, just so awesome. I wanted them all, but I don't NEED them and said I don't need to spend money freaking jars. Michael looked at me and said, 'Let me get them. I know you want them.' I tried to talk him out of it but I agreed he could get them for me. :)
As we were walking away, a man said, 'Excuse me. I see you are looking at jars. Have you seen these?'

There were TONS. The photograph above was about half of what this booth had. They all were at least quart sized too. I just looked at Michael again and thought, it was hard enough walking away from the other booth.
So after sitting in the floor at this booth for too long, I picked out 3.

 These were the 3 Mike got me. 2 quart size and one the middle is a liter! I couldn't stop thanking him as we walked to the car. I got teary eyed again. He's so great.
Then back on the road. We stopped by Petsmart, as we usually do if we're near Lexington. We got a new addition to our fish tank! Meet Hulk.
He's a BIG ball of something. His job as a Japanese living plant, is to kill everything the algae eats off of so it stops growing everywhere. Our fish freaked out and just sat at the bottom and stared at it terrified.
It's been the most incredible day! I got to spend it all with my love. I am so blessed!
Hope you all have had a great Friday, enjoy your weekend, and thanks for reading.


  1. JARS… i literally gasped just looking at those jars!!
    My boyfriends grandmother gave me 15 like that and i almost cried… I SO UNDERSTAND your jar obsession!

    Glad you had such a good week!!


    1. I'm glad someone understands. I'm planning to save up, drive back and buy a lot more. They are so incredible. Most all of them had the lids too!
      Thank you! :)
      Enjoy your weekend!

  2. Yum! Those cookies look amazing, and Hulk is very strange, I thought he was a tennis ball at first!

    1. They REALLY are awesome. And Hulk's kind was just discovered in Japan in the last 100 years. :p

  3. Glad you all had such a great trip! Jealous of those jars :p Michael wins boyfriend of the month!! Lol

    1. He really does. I got flowers to put in them and last night he was like lets go back up in a couple weeks and I'll get you the rest. :D Woohoo. I was going to buy them regardless, but since he's offering. ;)


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