Thursday, March 29, 2012

It's OK Thursday

I've got some down time and it's the perfect time to link up with A Complete Waste of Makeup for It's OK Thursday!

It's OK that my opinions don't matter sometimes, right? 
It's OK that I got some new clothes this afternoon! Check some of them out.

Black and cream floral lace dress!
Kentucky blue straight legs

It's OK that I am EXTREMELY excited about this weekend- SO much going on. The third anniversary with Michael, cosmic zumba, the aquarium, a trip to visit Michael's brother and sister in law, student art gallery opening, and 
It's OK THE UK vs UofL GAME! is the highlight of my weekend.
It's OK that I am taking some major changes in life soon that control my day to day routine drastically.
It's OK that I got Michael Disney movies for our anniversary that is Sunday. :P
It's OK that I am also going to take him to the penguin encounter at the aquarium Saturday as a surprise! (He's mildly obsessed with penguins.)
It's OK to get pissed!
It's OK to need a nap after being up for 2 hours. 
It's OK to want a little more in life- it keeps you moving. 

What's OK with you this week?

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Oh How Pinteresting!

Linking up real quick with The Vintage Apple for the sharing of pins!
I love this swim suit!
These colors are so incredible! The green melts my soul. 
I love lace, so this overlay lace cake is

Cute, comfy, and springy!!!

How cute!?

Again with the suit suit top!

All these mason jars will come in handy
one day!


So smart! I mean, seriously? 

This. Is. So. Awesome!

My thoughts exactly!

Tulips remind me of Easter time! Love these
flowers displayed in the paper bag.

I don't think I'd like a birdcage vail
on me, but this is awesome!
All these pins and more you can find on my boards!
Happy pining and happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Top 5 Tuesday: Things I'm Excited About for Spring

Linking up with Just Peachy for Top 5 Tuesday!

Something you should know about me if you don't- I. Love. Warm. Weather. Fall is my favorite season hands down, but when I start to hear the birds chipper and flowers sprout I get a little gitty inside.

#1: The smell of spring! Like I just said, flowers sprouting and growing send out this amazing fragrant throughout even the most disgusting places. I was walking across campus last week and as cheesy as it is, I got chills. It spelled so nice and FRESH! When I was younger I had a business with my dad mowing people's lawn- 'Daddy's Little Girl Lawn Service' So I love the smell of fresh cut grass especially. Also, during the summer I'd always go to my grandparents, who live on a 7 acre farm and ride along the tractor with my Papa!

#2: The clothing! Last summer I started to really get into shorts. I know what you're probably thinking, 'shorts?' Yes, shorts. I've always been a little self conscience about my body legs. I've got the 'thunder thighs,' along with stretch marks and cellulite. But last summer I started to accept that and who cares! So anyways back to clothing! I love little spring dresses and shirts, but mainly spring TOPS and shoes!

#3: The colors! I am lovingggg the colors this year. I've always loved bright colors and most of the times got looks for wearing neons. Well world, THEY ARE IN NOW! I am so excited to break all on my neon clothes from the closet! I am incorporating TONS of bright colors in my jewelry pieces this semester too and digging it!

Pretty sure I'm getting these this weekend.

#4: Sports! I'm not a HUGE sports fan but I LOVE my Wildcats. It's March Madness season and we are headed to the final four to kick some Cardinal butt! After basketball season, comes baseball season! I grew up on a baseball field watching my sister and dad play. I was the score and book keeper for some seasons. A couple weeks ago I was driving to work with my windows down, passing one of the local high schools baseball fields and I heard that ball ring against the bat- I got chills. Then last week when I was walking to my car leaving campus (which the parking lot is surrounded by 3 baseball fields) I saw about 10 little girls practicing with their dads. I was a little bit of a creeper and watched them. It reminded me of my childhood. I almost asked if I could take a picture of them. 

#5: Wedding season! As a photographer, your business longs for this season. It's the time of love and happiness. It's the most popular season for weddings, engagements, and family pictures. It's the mark of good and warm weather for all kinds of photo shoots. Although I'm not shooting a wedding until Summer technically, other photographers are. So I get to admire and see all their beautiful work! This year, Michael and I have decided to try to go hiking and take little mini trips a lot more. This means LOTS of nature photographs- my favorite taking. I can turn a 2 hour hike into an entire day event with how many times I stop and shoot the roses. ;) 

Monday, March 26, 2012

Weekend Roundup

Guess who hasn't blogged, or been on blogger in almost 5 days.... THIS girl. Ugh. I've missed it so much. I have thought about my blogs in my head, but seriously haven't found the time. But here I am not, ready for this week- full of blogs!

Although it's technically Tuesday, I'm still awake and it's still Monday for me. So here's the weekend roundup:

Friday! Mike was off (hooray!) so we did A LOT, which is actually totally unusual for us to do on our days off. I was house sitting this weekend so I went and checked on the pups massive boxers. So adorable, but wildddd. Then.... the amazing happened. I went to my sister's work (the eBay store back home) and sifted through- no joke- about 30 old mule mason jars. I picked out 15 to buy. Michael and I just looked around the place and were in amazement with all the stuff there and wanted most of it. We have become these antique lovers and I love every bit of it. I love the stuff because it's old, has personal history, and beautiful- he loves it for the HISTORY literally. He looks up this and that to see it's details. So it's perfect that we both love it! Anyways, after that we were to a couple antique places in town... did a little tax stuff (ugh) and went to dinner! Dinner with my whole family- as in mom, sister, brolaw, niece, nephew, aunt, uncle, cousin, grandma and pa, Michael and myself! Whoa. After an hour wait, it was so nice to sit around and talk. We don't see each other nearly as much as we'd like.
THENNNN the UK game. WINNNNNNER winner chicken dinner! We got our revenge on IU!
Davis saying 'no thanks' lol

Saturday! I did a LOT of nothing up until that night. I was photographing an event for a girl named Brooke. She is a 17 year old high school student that has bone cancer, and the doctor's have told her there's not much more they can do. In hopes to cheer her up and fulfill her dreams of going to the mall of America and the Graceland, a charity event was put in place to raise money for the family to travel. We ended up raising over $10,000! Seriously?! WOW! Brooke was put in the hospital Tuesday, but was able to make it to the event via Skype in her hospital room. Lauren Mink performed, Ronald McDonald made an appearance, along with a silent auction, raffle prizes, face painting, Zumbathon and more! Here are a few pictures from that evening.

Brooke watching Lauren sing.

Ronald's magic show.

Little league team talking to Brooke


SUNDAY! I did so more nothing! I cleaned and cleaned and cleaned and watch UK kick some Baylor Butt!
Coach Cal rocks
South Region CHAMPS!
Looks at those winners. Could they BE any cuter?

happy Monday (or Tuesday) see you all for link ups tomorrow.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

Linking up with Jamie for What I'm Loving this week.

I'm loving A LOT.
Loving the fact that I'm finally doing my taxes this weekend.
Loving the fast that I got a lot done on my metals necklace today.
Loving all the jars I got this week!
Loving that I have Friday off with Michael.
Loving that I am trying to figure out my life, where I stand in other peoples life, and what really matters.
Loving that tomorrow is the last day of classes- this week is dragging on.
Lastly, I'm loving the weather we are having. SUPER hot, but I love it!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Mason jars, mason jars, and more mason jars.

So my post a few days ago was saying what a great weekend I had. One of the main reasons was because I found and bought a TON of new mason jars. I got 6 Sunday night and went back yesterday to sort through a find some more. Well buddy I did. I got 15 yesterday, went back again today for the third day in a row and bought 3 more. I am seriously running out run to put them all. I'm crazy, I know!
Sunday Michael and I went to look around and buy some. When I went back yesterday he keep encouraging me to get more. He said, 'if you have the money, get them. you enjoy having these like I enjoy car parts.' So with that in mind I went out to get more. Mind you, I rarely shop alone because that's when I over do it- when no one is watching. Leaving me alone in Peddler's Mall with so many of my favorite item was NOT a good idea. I looked and looked around for about an hour and a half. I left the store with these:

The ones from yesterday.

The ones from Sunday

Yeah. I was too excited last night to take the tags off before I took my picture. I got some as cheap as $3! Well about 20 minutes after I bought these my sister texted me and said, 'we got these into work today and I thought of you.' She works at an eBay store back home and when I saw the text I flipped. 

Um. I want them all? I asked how much. She didn't know and was really asking my advice on how much to sell them for. I offered her a price per jar and told her to let me know what the owners thought. They agreed that the price was fine. There are 17 here and the owner has more. SO Friday, I'm going to meet up with them, go through and pick out the ones I want, and offer them a price. Can you say DREAM?! All the jars I can get for a reasonable price!
Well when I went back to Peddler's Mall today I told myself two things; you are only buying the ones you're looking for and you're not spending more than $20. I met and conquered both of those goals for once! These are the ones I got today. Both are rare- not SUPER rare, but rare and defiantly worth more than what I bought them for.
The ones from today.
For real! I kept telling Michael how dumb I felt for spending A. this much money on jars after I just said 4 days ago that I was going to do some serious saving but buying these instead and B. this much time and effort to find, sort, and store all these! He keeps telling me to go for it, but after I purchase these jars Friday that I should probably lay off buying anymore for a while, and I agree. I have some already and the last few weeks I've been buying them like crazy.

I'm so excited for Friday! So be sure to check back this weekend to see what all I got Friday.

Target Tuesday!

It's Target Tuesday again! Linking up with Tara at fabulous but evil.

Mossimo® Womens TRS Boyfriend Jacket - BlackMossimo Supply Co. Juniors Ruffle Skater Dress w/ Belt -  Assorted Colors

Mossimo® Womens Pleated Neck Sateen Dress - Assorted ColorsTurquoise Agate Gold Metal Cuff Bracelet

Mossimo Supply Co. Multi Global Crossbody ClutchWomens Mossimo Supply Co. Odell Faux Suede Ballet Flat - Green

This is difficult to look at all these things and not go buy them!!!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Weekend Round Up

So this weekend went by way to freaking fast! But I did a lot!

Friday I went and saw The Lorax with my niece, nephew, and mom. It was super cute! I am a little bias but Ed Helms is one of the main characters and I just love him. The kids were so excited to go! As you can tell from the below!

After running around all day with them, I went back to Richmond and did a lot of nothing! As I said in my previous post, I got the news that I was excepting into the BFA program (actually during the movie I was emailing my professor, I couldn't wait). I took a nap that evening and just hung out.

This is part of the letter I got this afternoon. 

Yesterday was jam packed! I had a photo shoot with two little cute boys in the morning. If this doesn't brighten your day, I don't know what will! Baby laughs are the best.

After that I may quick plans to go downtown Lexington with Emma and Kayla for some St. Patrick's Day festivities. We watched the parade which was really nice! The weather was awesome! Here's a little bit of what we saw.
This boy waved the entire time- to everyone!

We had a great time! Enjoyed each other company, the parade, and the weather!
After that business, Michael and I met back up and had dinner with his parents. I know the following little bit will mean nothing to you, but I'll tell you anyways.
So 5 years ago this June, Michael graduated high school. We were best friends in high school, before dating. For his graduating present I got him the license plate made. He's a little obsessed with his car and was at the time too. We had this inside joke back then.. We were both always played the third wheel to our friends. We had the same group of friend and we were tagging alone on dating with them, and even when there were 2 other couple, we'd be the third wheels because we weren't dating. So we called ourselves the '3W4L,' yes third wheelers for life. Well I got this made for him.

Once we started dating 2 years later I asked him where it was and he honestly had no cool. Last he knew it was hanging in his bedroom at his parents- which his mom made into an office that summer. Pretty muhc eery time we go to his parents house I mention in and tell him to just go to the basement and look for it- that's where she said it would be. He always says he won't find it and will look for it when he has more time. WELL his parents are cleaning out their basement and he went down there yesterday, and I truely didn't think anything of it because I was in the middle of a conversation with his mom when he went down with his dad... They were down there all of 10 minutes and he came back upstairs and laid it on the table like it was no big deal. I flipped out! I seriously got teary eyed looking at it. It is totally not how I remembered it, but gosh it brough back so many memories of out friendship back then. It's just so awesome!

 It was also game day. UK won! :) We are back in the sweet 16! WOO HOO!
Picture from
 TODAY I did a lot too, kind of. 3 loads of laundry, 2 loads in the dishwasher, and piled up some winter clothes. Mike and I went around to some shops here in Richmond before hitting up a movie this evening. We didn't find much.... until we went to Peddler's Mall. When we go out there are 2 things on our list; old posters and mason jars. We hit jackpot today. We found this always tin signs there. They're were some old International tractor signs that Michael and I died for. His dad and grandfather collect International things. We got 4 new signs. Luckily both their birthdays are coming up, and his dad's retirement! I can't wait to give them to them! I'll have to post pictures soon of them.
THEN! We also found..... OLD BLUE MASON JARS! Yes siree. It was so funny. We just walking around and Michael tapped me on my arm and pointed to this man. I was like 'What?' He pointed more and behind the man was a shelf of about 40 blue mason jars! I just smiled so big. We had like 20 minutes before the movie started. So I rushed looking at them all, talking to the man there about the jars. He was a nice fellow getting some himself. We talked mason jar history. It was nice! Anyways, I looked for as long as possible and picked out 6. They were WAY cheaper than what we got them for last weekend. I'm going back tomorrow for more! :P Here is what I got today!

A beauty right?

LASTLY today, we went and say 21 Jump Street with our go to couple friends. It was so freaking HAlarious. Go see it! There is actually a great shocker in it. It was good to see Channing Tatum play a funny role more than a just the cute guy, but he is that guy too in this! And I just love Jonah Hill- he has the a way of making a normal joke the funnies thing you'll ever hear! There were a ton of previews in it- awesome movies coming out soon.
Anyways. Sorry for going on and on- so much went on this weekend. I hope you enjoyed yours, and have a GREAT week!