Friday, February 24, 2012

High Five For Friday

Yay for today! I'm linking up with Lauren for From My Grey Desk for

This week has gone by so quick! Hopefully this weekend doesn't go by as fast.

1. Michael and I are BOTH off today! YAY! We have zero plans, which is nice. We will probably watch this weeks Office, Up All Night, and Modern Family. It's nice to spend some time together on our days off because during the week we are just going going going!

2. I cooked up a storm! I made cupcakes, cookies, a cake (well 2, view this post for those details), and several new things. A chicken spaghetti bake, a tater tot chicken crock pot, and spaghetti stuffed bread (that was a total disaster).
3. I booked a wedding in November. Not just any wedding. A great couple of Michael and I. Can't wait to shoot their bright colored, vineyard, partying wedding. We've got a while, but I'm excited!

4. I am doing a photo shoot with a great friend tomorrow! This time is a little different... we are doing pictures of EACH other. EH! I do not well in front of the camera, my job is behind.

5. I am preparing for Spring Break which is week after next. No big plans- hiking, eating, a day trip to TN for a jewelry show! AND getting ready to apply for BFA (bachelor of fine arts). My portfolio is due the week we get back and I am so not ready. The application is due this week and that alone is difficult enough... writing a letter, looking up GPAs and grades. AHH! Hopefully it'll all be worth it!


  1. Lazy nights are always so great! Hubby and I spent all of last weekend in our pajamas :)

  2. Just found your blog! Very cute! I'm your newest follower :)


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