Wednesday, February 29, 2012

What I'm loving Wednesday

Wednesday seems to be the day of link ups and this is a new one for me. Last week I did Oh how Pinteresting, but honestly, I have not had the time to get on Pinterest in several days (so not like me)! I hope to do both link ups next week. Anyways, tonight I'm linking up with Jamie with This Kind of Love for what I'm loving Wednesday!

I am loving the awesome news I got tonight, but I can't really share it yet. I know right? Why even say anything, but I had to. ;)

I am LOVING that my classes got cancelled for tomorrow so that means I AM ON SPRING BREAK until the 13th! But it's going to be a busy week next week.

I am loving that there is an art and craft fair this weekend close to town that my mom and I are going to go to!

I am loving that Friday is payday! Thank goodness.

I am loving that I got a lot of work done today in class.

I am loving (and hating) that I am considering declaring yet another art major. I think I'm getting talked into.

I am loving the next piece I am making for metal-smithing class. It is this huge necklace that will pretty much take up the entire chest. Something a little like this, if you can read it.. and NOT this bright of colors, more pales- all I had were highlighters. :p
I am loving the pictures that my friend took of me this weekend for a project. Although in this one I look terrified and I don't think it even looks like me haha. I'll post more when she gets done editing them. ;)
Happy Wednesday everyone. Only a few more days until the weekend! :)


  1. I am loving that friday is payday! Thank goodness! I am needing it :) Love your cute blog girl !

    1. How is it that we, or at least I am, broke for 2 weeks then have money for like 2 days then broke again becaus I've paid bills, got groceries, and stuff- ugh! Thanks for reading! :)

  2. I think that is a gorgeous picture of you! Also, I remember the feeling when classes were canceled- such a great feeling! Enjoy your [extended] Spring Break!

    1. Thank you and thank you! I'm still caught off guard by the image haha! It's my spring break day one and I wake up early. :/

  3. Stopping by again to say I've awarded you the Sunshine Award! Happy Thursday!


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