Friday, February 17, 2012

Well here it goes.....

Here goes blog number 3? 4? Yes, seriously. I have an awful time A. keeping up with my blogs B. finding the time to blog (which creates problem A) and C. doing the sucessfully.
I am determined to do it right this time. I need a place to post ideas, deals, recipes, and, well vent, to myself (and you of course- although there are no "yous" right now). So YES! YES I am going to stick with this. I'm going to find the time. I'm going to do it before or during class, at work on my phone, or while watching The Office (side note- I'm obsessed).
So to the ones hopefully soon to follow,
THANK YOU, for listening to my rambles, liking (I hope not disiking) my ideas, trying out some recipes of mine, and so forth. I thank you.
So let's get this party started.

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