Thursday, February 23, 2012

The quiet things that no one ever knows.

This post will probably be to the interest of no one, but they are things that have happened to me the last couple of days that I find HAlarious or what not and feel the need to share.
(Yes the title of this post is a Brand New song if you care.)
Last night as I called my mom I heard my niece in the background (my sister and her family are currently staying with my mom). She was getting ready to get her nails painted by Nana. I asked her what colors she had to choose from, she said 'Um. Green- well blueish green (there's my artist), sparkly white, and pur- purple. Yeah that's purple not pink.' I told her I thought she should go with white or the green. She said, 'Yeah, I agree, although I am really loving purple more these days.' These days? You're 5. What are these days for you? Playing on the playground and coloring? So I asked her. She said in school she painted a picture of something she couldn't remember and got a book at the library today at school. When I asked her what book she got she said it was a scary book. She gets scared pretty easily so this surprised me. Then she continued.. A book about a scary squirrel. Yes you heard me correctly. She can't wait till it's her day at school for the teacher to read her book. I'm curious about what this book is really about. She has a wild imagination. I miss her. She is literally one of the funniest people I have ever met- at any age. Here's a picture of her outside playing out in the rain during out last photo shoot!
Michael's funny:
So he loves COD (call of duty). Loves! Well most days when games aren't going bad. We were talking about that fact that we both have tomorrow off (YAY!) and it brought up last weekend. Let me fill you in. He had Saturday and Sunday off last weekend, which never ever happens, and that's when I started blogging. So I was up all night creating this humble abode while he gamed. I don't ever care that he plays, or plays late. What would I care? Friday night when I was over he played until 5:30AM, after working all day. When I asked him at 5 if he was going to go to sleep he just looked at me and asked why and I replied with, because it's 5:00 in the morning. Well tonight we revisiting this experience he said, 'What I should have said is, it's 5 o'clock in morning.' You know, like the song? He sang that to me in the convo. Oh how I died laughing. It's honestly the little things that make me happy and laugh.
Midnight snack:
Some people call it a midnight snack, some call it a bedtime snack, and I call it both. When I get home from work it's after 11pm and I am hungry! I try to eat before or during work but that doesn't always happen. When I get done working I want some food. I don't think there is a night that I go to bed without eating something a little before. It use to be a bowl of cereal, but lately it's gotten worse. Cereal is a perfect snack before bed. It fills me up enough and doesn't make me feel so gross after eating like most food (I have serious acid reflex and food issues we can maybe revisit later). Lately it's like see if Michael would be interested in sharing a pizza (which is a no brainer), make a grilled cheese, eat a cupcake or cookie, fix some eggs and toast. Seriously Paige? They say don't eat anything after 7 or 8pm- well that's impossible for me. But they say that just cause normally people at night don't have the ability to work off some of those calories. Well these snack habit has got to change! Starting tomorrow, considering tonight I've already had 2 waffles and a cookie. I seriously have gained like 5lbs in a the last few months. 5lbs may not sound like a lot but it shows on A.women and! Watch out fridge, there are about to be some changes!
THAT'S all for now. Can't wait to link up tomorrow!

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  1. I eat a bowl of cereal at like eleven or midnight ALL the time! :) I seriously can't sleep if I am hungry! I will just lay there and think about food..haha


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