Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Oh, how Pinteresting!

Last night as I was browsing blogs, I came across Michelle and The Vintage Apple, and her link up for Wednesdays. I saw it had to do with Pinterest and I've been looking forward to a little down time tonight to do it. I am so excited! I love Pinterest.

God understands, thankfully!

This is THE dream ring!

The dogs gotta get it's ball! So cute.

Ocean Arch Heart, Maui

Love everything about this- her hair, makeup, and that lace!

Super cute swim top.

Love all the wood and neutral colors.

Oven baked Monte Cristo Sandwiches! YUM!

Super cute for Easter, or just spring!

Lasagna roll ups!

Kentucky hot brown bites! They look sooo good!

I love peonies so much!

So true!

I love nude nails lately.

Michael Scott!

You're forgiven....

Pallets as selves!

So sad, so true.

Vintage boudoir.

Ain't that the truth.

Yes, please.

Just lovely!

So there was way too much stuff to look at. Be sure to click the highlighted word in blue to find the original placing (some don't have a home though)! Thanks for the Pinteresting link up, Michelle. So much fun!

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  1. OH how true that first quote is!!
    UM so also in LOVE with that quote about photos!

    love love!

    Happy wednesday!


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