Tuesday, February 21, 2012

It gets better movement

Today a lot is happening. 1. My bff's 22nd birthday (which I'll blog about later more in depth) 2. FAT TUESDAY and 3. It's the airing on MTV at 11pm about the "It gets better" movement of 3 young adults that remind LGBT (gay, lesbian, bi, transvestites) that no matter what, life gets better. It started with one video by Dan Savage and his partner to let people know that they were there that snowballed into one huge movement.
I have my own personal beliefs, that are honestly up in the air. I have read in the Bible and tried to find out what God thinks about it. Yes, I am a Christian and in this society we get looked at as people who hate LGBT people. That is so not true. I think it's the very opposite. Who are we to judge those people? There is ONE person in the end that will judge- and that's God. We should all love one another- no matter what. Anyone who is living, or trying to live, by God's word is doing the right thing. We aren't perfect, we are all sinners.
I've never been a person to jump on political or social band waggons like this, but the fact that gays and lesbians are killing themselves and getting murdered because of their sexual preference is bonkers. Get real people.
You can go here to check out tonight trailer on MTV. Go here to visit the It Gets Better website.

One last thing. Whether you are LGBT or just having a bad day, I believe it gets better... you have to believe and have hope!

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