Sunday, February 19, 2012

Emma's surprise party = success

You've seen me mention Emma before, my bff since 3rd grade. Well her boyfriend Matt wanted to throw her a surprise party and kind of asked me to help out! No brainer- duh I will! So here is a little bit about that! Starting out with the texts that started it. (read left to right)

Then Saturday came and it was time to bake her cake. I saw this cupcake cake pan and thought it would be so cute. So I baked her our old favorite- funfetti!

It came out of the oven like this.

Well now what? Well I could just turn it into cake pops and be down with it. YES! Look at me making lemonade out of lemons. But I had no melting chocolate. Back to square one. I have 3 cakes in the pantry; chocolate, white, and red velvet. My mom just used the same (cheap-oh) brand red velvet the same week and said it was gross. Emma isn't a huge fan of chocolate, and white cake with vanilla icing can be blah. So I thought, 'hey I'll make a marble with the white cake and add a little chocolate.' Hopefully it turned out- I didn't taste it at the end. I came sliding out of the pan after I drenched it in PAM and flour. Thank goodness.

Here's the end product.

So Mike and I went to Walmart, got her balloons Sunday afternoon- I

even made her a banner! We are driving around town with 22 balloons in the back seat of my little Civic. It was a site. We get to Hacienda a little early to set up.... Michael says, 'Here are the balloons. Got them? Got them?' I had them! As he is unloading the car of stuff to take in, I hear people yelling, 'HEY! HEY!' What the heck is going on? I turn around and the trash bag in which we put over the balloons for more acceptable traveling blew away. This man (with a wife and 2 young children) caught the bag. I was so grateful. Trying to repay the favor, (as the kids are screaming 'BALLOOOOONS') I said 'They can have one' and handed them a yellow balloon. The mother and wife quickly replied 'NO. NO balloons. We hate balloons. I hate balloons. No balloons in the car.' Uh, ok, I was just trying to be nice- a simple 'No thank you' would've be sufficient! Whatever. We get in and get settled, yatta yatta. I got their party room booked for us and upon arrival there were other people in there. They reassured me that they would be out by 7:15 (when Emma was expected). All the guests showed up and Matt sent the text- 'We're at the light' I tell everyone to stand up and get ready to yell SURPRISE (as there is still one table of about 6 people sitting in the room). As we all stand up, the table of guests stand up as well about to leave. Really? Really, now you leave? So thankfully the scurry out just in time for Matt and Emma to walk in.

We yell, Emma makes this face.

Shocked! It was priceless.

Then they like to put whipped cream all over the face of birthday people, I don't know why!

(It was so funny.)

We had a great time hanging out, talking, and eating! Here's the gang of girls that came!

After everything, it was so worth it. She deserved this party and love. We had a ball! It was so stinking fun!

Happy early birthday Emma Liz.

(Check out her blog here)


  1. I loved it all! You all did so good! And I am still in shock. Thanks for being you, Paigey and a true friend for so long/all along.<3

  2. Shut Up. I may just love you as much as I love Emma!
    A. Your blog is so cute!
    B. You are BFF's with Emma
    C. We love all the same things… holla photography, antiques and JARS… I totally get the jar thing!!!

    Happy Tuesday!
    and Happy Birthday Emma!


    1. Thank you so much, Meg! Emma and I are bff's indeed! Jars ARE pretty amazing! I see a new friendship starting..... :)


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