Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Emma; best friend and birthday girl.

I mentioned earlier that today is a big day for many ways. One reason being that it is my best friends 22nd birthday. So I'll give you a little run down of our friendship (btw, this post is going to have a LOT of pictures).
Well we have been best friends since the 3rd grade when I moved to Nicholasville from Lexington. We have gone through so much together. We both have older sisters, but we've become more of sisters over the years than friends. We've been through the divorces of both our parents, family and friend deaths, proms, braces, bad hair years, graduations, boys, living together, parties, and everything in between. We haven't had the easiest friendship. Like all friends/ sisters do, we've fought like cats and dogs. We didn't just argue, we'd hit and scream and storm out. But also like sisters do, we loved each other hard.. we even got married in middle school! We had a ceremony with rings, flowers, and guests (her mom and brother). To this day, we still hate the people that did each other wrong. If one of us didn't like you, neither did the other. We were attached at the hip. After a little time apart (due to an unfortunate time on my part), we reconnected and she moved in with my mom and I soon after that. This time was difficult and fun! We fought more and argued more, but we'd go out for ice cream at 3am and were still, attached at the hip. I moved out for college and left Emma with my mom. As both of our lives got busy we sort of drifted.. talked but not on the daily, or weekly basis like usual. We once again, actually recently have talked more and more... on an almost everyday basis. It's been awesome!
Through everything, through the years, we have remanded close. We call each in the time of need, when we want to talk, or when we hear some awesome gossip. I have never known a girl like her. She's a strong, beautiful, loving, caring, and the best best friend. I am so extremely blessed to have her in my life, and to have had her for over 13 years. I'm so excited for what God has in our future... careers, marriage, kids, and life, all to share with each other.

The summer of third grade.

Playing dress up.. bride and bridesmaid.

Driving around in older boys car without our parents consent.

Spring break trip to PCB in 2006.Staying up late and goofing off.
One of the first times hanging out together after some time apart.
Road trip to Columbus.
Spring trip to Keeneland!
Happy Birthday Emma!!
I love you more than you'll even know.


  1. So far I am loving all the shout out's to me! ;) Thank you so much for everything! This birthday has been so great because of you!...and a little of Matt, friends, family, too! ;) Looking back on these pics definitely makes me realize how far we've come...esp from my bad hair days...sheesh. Seriously. And I believe the trip to Columbus...that pic was right after the Asian woman almost hit me and then honked the horn at me! Haha Good times ;) Love you Paigey!!

    1. HAHAHA. That sticker- DWA or whatever? Along with what I wrote in your card (c.r.w/d.) we are SO mean sometimes to people lol. I am glad you had a great day! I love you too.


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