Friday, February 17, 2012

Broke but blessed

It's been a great day. Got paid, which is always nice. Had lunch with Emma (my bff since 3rd grade), did a little shopping at Target.. Followed by shopping at Big Lots, the Dollar Tree, Hobby Lobby, and grocery shopping at Kroger. Needless to say.. I am broke now. Car payment is due tomorrow and after that I will have no money. Whatever. Life is good. I've got gas in the car (for now), a fridge and pantry full of food, clean clothes (somewhat), a healthy life (minus the killer back pain I've had for two days), and love in my heart. I am so blessed.
As I was writing Emma's birthday card today, I thought dang- we've been friends since 3rd grade? Really? We're old, and we're awesome! Not many people have friends, or even talk to, the people they went to grade school with (grade school? what am I 79- it's called elementary now).
Then I fixed Michael dinner (my boyfriend of almost 3 years btw), this new receipe I tried (which you can find here). It was braided spaghetti bread. I've been wanting to fix it forever now and finally got around to it. I was so disapointed. My version was so plain tasting. With my first bite he knew I didn't like it.
"What's wrong with it?" he asked
"It's so bleh- plain." i said
He went on to telling me how great he thought it was, when we both really know it wasn't. I didn't even finish half my plate before he got done with is normal abnormally big plate and went back for seconds. Even if it was bleh, him going back for seconds meant a lot (although no matter what it is, he'll normally go back for another plate or two).
Hopefully you may have learned a few things for my experiences today.
1. Don't spend your paycheck the day you get it.
2. Talk with your friends- even if it is just over lunch.

3. Try adding more parsley and thicker sauce to the bread bake.

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  1. I'm so glad you feel broke, but blessed still ;) I'm also so glad we have remained friends throughout the years even through the bumps we've experienced here and there. You are my favey Paigey! Lol Love you! Yay for blogging again!!


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