Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Ash Wednesday as a Non-Chatholic

Last night after work, Michael and I got to talking about our day and I mentioned tomororow (today) is Ash Wednesday. He laughed and said, 'we aren't catholic.' We are Christian/ Baptists, and aren't the every- Sunday- to- church- we- go, pray before every meal or going to sleep, nightly or weekly Bible study, and the best Christian living people. We have similar belifs, morals, and values. We respect God and each other. My spiritaul relationship with God is honestly a little confusing to me, and has been for several years. Not my belifs, just how I see them being completed. I know that the Bible says to attend and be active in the church, but I don't believe that. Yes, when I go to church, I usually feel amazing when I leave. I would like to go more often, but don't feel guilty when I don't go- is that me or the devil?
Anyways, back to my point. I was reading to Michael why Catholics give up something for 40 days (because God gave us his life for us) and why that usually add something for 40 days (because God carried the cross for us). This I understand. This seems like such a little thing we can do (for 40 days) to repay Him for his sacrafices. To Michael, and my mom (because I called and asked her if she thought it would be dumb to do lent), it's dumb to partisapate in lent when it's not our religion, but I am anyways. I am trying. I think it's healthy for me to do this.
So for the next 40 days:

>NO MORE UNNESSARY SPENDING! I know... really, Paige? YES, really. Of course I'll buy groceries and things I need, but I mean pointless crap. I don't have a lot of money to begin with, so it's not like I go to the mall and spend hundereds of dollars on clothes and shoes that I don't need. I spend $20 at the dollar store or $15 at the enterance of Target on the dollar items for NO reason. Well there are reason; 'I may need this one day' 'I know someone who needs this' and usually it's 'I could use this in my next project' I have like 15 projects in progress right now, it's ridiculous. This is going to be really hard because spring break is in a couple weeks and I'm planning on going to an art and craft show, plus a jewelry show, and hopefully a mini-vacation with my love.

>DAILY PRAYERS! During lent you add something to your daily ritual as well. I don't pray nearly enough. When something great or horrible happens I go to Him, but what about the times in between? So I am setting a goal to pray daily, and more than just one time a day. Hopefully this will last more than just the 40 days "required."
Do you all have any goals for lent, Catholic or not? I'd love to hear them.

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